IBOA International

The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (IBOAI) is the advocacy organization for North American Independent Business Owners (IBOs) affiliated with Amway®. The IBOAI advises Amway on every facet of the North American business, from products and promotions to operations and business guidelines. The IBOAI and Amway are dedicated to partnering for success with your input, support and participation.

About the IBOA International

We are the IBOAI (Independent Business Owners Association International), a trade association representing the hundreds of thousands of IBOs (Independent Business Owners) powered by Amway North America, formerly Quixtar across North America and parts of the Caribbean.

Our Members

The IBOAI represents the IBO at every level of the business, from the beginner to the long-time achiever, acting on their behalf to protect their interests and preserve their businesses for today and well into the future.

Our Board

North American IBOs are served by 15 voting members of the Board of Directors and a staff of 3. We listen to ideas, propose improvements, and advise Amway on the best way to move the business forward.

The Board is guided by its Executive Committee and Governance & Oversight Committee, and members discuss important issues in four essential committees: Awards & Recognition, Business Operations, Legal & Ethics, and Marketing Advisory Committee. In addition, the IBOAI’s Hearing & Disputes Committee is an integral part of the Disputes Resolution process.

Our Roots

Originally founded in 1959 as the American Way Association, IBOAI founders discovered the importance of making sure all IBOs had a voice in the way business was operated. Today IBOs, the modern-day version of the 1959 Distributor, are the heart of Amway North America, and the founding families continue to realize the importance of involving IBOs in vital Amway North America business decisions. To this day, the IBOAI and Amway executives collaborate on policies, processes, products, and other areas of the business where having IBO input is indispensable.

Our Philosophy

The American Way Association was founded on a philosophy of serving the common interests of Independent Business Owners throughout North America. Since then, much has changed, but the philosophy remains the same. Today, this philosophy motivates all of our activities, just like it always has. It also shapes the strategic direction of the organization.

Our Standards

The foundation and the heart of the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOA International) are expressed in the statements found on the pages in the navigation on the right. Whatever challenges and opportunities lay ahead, the activities of the Association will always originate from these standards.