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The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (IBOAI) is the advocacy organization for North American Independent Business Owners (IBOs) affiliated with Amway®. The IBOAI advises Amway on every facet of the North American business, from products and promotions to operations and business guidelines. The IBOAI and Amway are dedicated to partnering for success with your input, support and participation.

Incoming 2015 IBOAI Board Members Take Oath of Office
2014 October Board Meeting
2014 October Board Meeting: Committee Highlights
June 2014 Board Meeting Committee Summary
June Board Meetings Focus on the "Why" We're in Business
Football Camp Sponsored by IBOAI and Metro Health a Big Win for Young Athletes
IBOAI Attends Exciting Chinese IBO Community Event in Canada
March 2014 Board Meeting Summary by Committee
Keep Connected with the IBOAI Wherever You Go!
New IBOAI Board Members Take Oath of Office
October 2013 Board Meeting Summary by Committee
October 2013 Board Meeting Notes
Founders Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan Passes
June 2013 IBOAI Board Meeting Notes by Committee
IBOAI, Metro Health, and Jared Veldheer Score Big for Young Athletes
Productive June Board Meetings Attributed to Strong Partnership, Collaborative Spirit
The IBOAI joins Metro Health and Jared Veldheer in “Keeping the Beat”
March 2013 Board Meeting Notes
In Memory of Bill Britt: Pioneer, Innovator, Motivator, and Friend
IBOAI Board Update October 2012
Crown Ambassadors Jim and Sharon Janz presented with Canadian DSA Mark of Distinction Award
IBOAI June Board Meetings were incredibly productive - and positive!
Jody Victor Recognized With Award from IBOAI
First-ever IBOAI / Amway History Day inspires 2012 Board Members
Ten reasons why joining the IBOAI advocacy organization is worth every cent of the annual membership fee.
March 2012 IBOAI Board Meeting Recap
Motivated IBOs headed to Phoenix for the Ultimate Football Experience
IBOAI Names Seasoned Entrepreneur Kathy Victor as Chairperson
IBOAI Staff Welcomes Josh Hettinga
Cindy Lowe Van Andel
October 2011 IBOAI Board Meeting / MAC Notes
June 2011 IBOAI Board Meeting Update and Highlights
New Pickup Center opened in Dominican Republic
Update on Amway's Response to Tragedy in Japan
IBOAI Board - March 2011 Meeting Recap
2010 IBOAI Annual Report Available Online
Read The Voice, Timely News and Communications from the IBOAI Board
A Message from Brad Duncan, 2011 Chairman of the IBOAI Board of Directors
How to Download Microsoft Tag Reader
Time to Renew Your Business and Your Membership
IBOAI Board Meets in October to Focus on Growth for All IBOs
New IBOAI Board Members, Committee Members, and Officers Elected for 2011
June 2010 IBOAI Board Meeting Update and Highlights
IBOAI Now on Twitter in Spanish
IBOAI Membership Update
IBOAI Board Concludes March Meeting
2010 Spring Board Meeting Wrap-up
IBOAI Now Has Presence on Amway Website
Our Hearts Go Out to the People of Haiti
A Message from Steve Woods, 2010 Chairman of the IBOAI Board of Directors
2009 IBOAI Annual Report Available Online
October 2009 Board Meeting
Time to Renew - and Check Your IBOAI Support, IBOBA Benefits
New Board Members and Officers Elected for 2010
Play, Send, or Link to the IBOAI Channel on YouTube
Become a Fan of the IBOAI Page on Facebook
IBOs from World Wide Dreambuilders Visit the IBOAI
IBOAI and Amway Bring Diamonds Up-to-Date
IBOAI Board Wraps Up Productive June Meeting
IBOAI Board Members Featured in Newest Achieve Magazine
Dick Davis, a Great Friend and Advocate, Passes Away
A Big Week for the IBOAI
IBOAI Sets Its Priority List for New Year
October 2008 Board Meeting Features Week of Accomplishment
IBOAI and Amway Bring Change to New IBO Registration Process
June 2008 Board Meeting Features "True Partnership and True Transparency"
IBOAI Shares Amway Guidelines on "Perfect Water" Claims
A Message from Bill Hawkins, 2008 Chairman of the IBOAI Board of Directors
New Board Members and Officer for 2008 Elected
IBOs Stay Connected with IBOAI Through IBOAIblog
Helyne Victor, matriarch of three generations of IBOs, dies at 87
A Message of Support for the Students and Faculty of Virginia Tech and Their Families
A Message from Jim Janz, 2007 Chairman of the IBOAI Board of Directors
It Makes Perfect Sense - Kids Want to Be Entrepreneurs or Business Owners
Monopoly: Marking an Anniversary IBOs Can Learn a Lot From
Amway Takes on Internet Critic
IBO Leaders Take on Internet Critic
Scott Larsen's Public Apology to Jody Victor
Jody Victor's Most Recent Letter to Scott Larsen
Amway and IBO Leaders Team Up to Take on Disabilities
IBO Leader Takes on Internet Critic
Your Money and Your Taxes
Summer Is Here, Time for Peter Island Sun Care Products
Free eNewsletters Help Keep You Informed
Can Occupation Foretell Success?
IBOAI Endorses Artistry, Amway's Prestige Brand Of Skin Care and Cosmetics
At What Price the Holidays?
Today's Economy and Your Business
IBOAI and IBO Community Mourn the Loss of Jay Van Andel
A Message from Kathy Victor, 2012 IBOAI Chairman of the Board of Directors
Building a Legacy on Freedom, Family, Hope, Reward
Association Founders
IBOAI: Making a Difference
IBOAI Board Actively Works for You
Get Acquainted with the IBOAI
LEADERSHIP That Sustains Business
The Future Looks Brighter Than Ever
IBOAI Election Results
Your IBOAI Board
Lights, Camera, Action!
An Enduring Relationship: Amway and IBOAI
First Shot of Excitement
A Driving Force
The Company We Keep
Setting the Stage in Maui
Always There for You!
Jody Dutt's Insight into History Part 3
Jody Dutt's Insight into History Part 2
Jody Dutt's Insight into History Part 1
Jim Janz's Insights into History Part 3
Jim Janz's Insights into History Part 2
Jim Janz's Insights into History Part 1
Jody Victor's Insights into History Part 3
Jody Victor's Insights into History Part 2
Jody Victor's Insights into History Part 1
The Jody Victor Family OSU Scholarship Awarded to Eryn Clause
Covino Organization Partners with Amway US to Assist Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy
Discoveries by Van Andel Research Institute lead to new test to diagnose cancer
Update to First Responder in Haiti
Pam Winters Completes NYC Marathon
Howie Danzik Conquers Denver
IBOs Sponsor the "Perfect" Race Car
Wintley Phipps Given Master of Influence Award by National Speakers Association
IBOs Cheer on Soap Boxer Racing for Her Dreams
Chris Bryant Jumps into the Media Spotlight
Satish Reddy Awarded Rare Silver Snoopy by NASA Astronaut Corps
Cale Andrews Runs with the Elvises in Vegas
IBOs Hit a Home Run at Yankee Stadium
Raising Homes and Hopes in Haiti
Network TwentyOne IBOs Respond to the Needs in Haiti
First Responder in Haiti
IBOAI Members Take Action for Others Through Network of Caring
IBOs Serving Soup to Serve Others
IBO Wintley Phipps Performed at Inauguration's National Prayer Service
Victors Put Their Hearts into Local Heart Walk
IBOAI Reports from EDC and Diamond Club 2014
IBOAI Reports from EDC and Diamond Club 2013
IBOAI Reports from EDC and Diamond Club 2012
IBOAI Reports from EDC and Diamond Club 2011
IBOAI Reports from EDC and Diamond Club 2010
Amway Global Takes Diamond Forum to Las Vegas to Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary
EDC Gets to Know the Cities Amway Global Calls Home
EDC Returns to Ada to Celebrate Amway Global’s 50th Anniversary - 5/22
IBOAI Hospitality Also on the Itinerary
EDC Arrives to Celebrate Amway Global’s 50th Anniversary - 5/21
Diamond Club 2012 Recap
Expo is a big hit at Diamond Club!
Miss America meets IBOAI's Leading Ladies at Diamond Club
Diamond Club Business Meeting: Entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking
Diamond Club 2012 gets off to a festive start in Hawaii!
Fab 50's-themed Party Rocks Diamond Club before IBOs "Split the Scene"
Diamond Club Business Meeting Focuses on Building Leaders, Volume, and Trust
Diamond Club Opens with Fabulous Welcome Dinner!
Together We Grow theme of 2014 Diamond Club Meeting
Executive Diamonds Honored, Diamonds Welcomed to Kona, Hawaii
Derby Theme Wins Big at Diamond Celebration Dinner
Business Meeting at Diamond Club Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Looks Forward to Future
Diamonds treated to fabulous welcome party at Westin Maui
Second Day of New Platinum Conference Offered Motivation and Education
New IBO Leaders Receive Warm Greeting at New Platinum Conference
New Platinum Conference: Business News, Education, Entertainment and Recognition
Day Two of New Platinum Conference Provides Inspiration and Education
New Platinums Arrive in Michigan for Three-Day Conference
Business Meeting Encourages New Platinums to Dream, Lead, and Succeed
Welcome to Michigan, New Platinums!
Session Two of New Platinum Conference Concludes with Magnificent Recognition Celebration
Tanios Viviani Welcomes New Platinums at the 2012 Conference
New Platinums Recognized with Exquisite Celebration Dinner and Entertainment
Walter Bond, America's Accountability Leader, motivates New Platinums at 2012 Conference
New Platinum Conference gets off to a great start in Grand Rapids!
Final Day of Achievers Filled with Education, Inspiration and Appreciation
Third Day of Achievers Featured Biz Buzz with Amway Execs and IBO Leaders
Achievers 2014 Day Two Boasts Biz Buzz and Fuel Expo
Achievers 2014 is Off to a Great Start in Las Vegas!
Amway Achievers 2013
Amway Achievers 2012
Amway Achievers 2011
Amway Achievers 2010
Amway Achievers 2009
IBOAI Attends Achievers to Congratulate and Communicate
IBOAI Gathers with Achievers in Las Vegas
IBOAI Connects with Its Members at Achievers
U.S. Dream Academy 13th Annual Gala Inspires All to Dream Big
U.S. Dream Academy Annual Gala Honors those who Inspire Dreams
11th Annual U.S. Dream Academy Power of a Dream Gala
U.S. Dream Academy Presents Legacy Award to IBOAI Board Chair Kathy Victor and Honors Several Other Influential Leaders at its Annual "Power of a Dream" Gala
U.S. Dream Academy to Honor IBOAI Board Chair Kathy Victor, Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler, and several others at the Annual "Power of a Dream" Gala to Benefit At-Risk Youth on May 1
IBOAI Builds on the Dreams of Our Youth - Gala 2010
Orlando U.S. Dream Academy Kids Receive a Treat from Magic's Dwight Howard
Think of U.S. Dream Academy When You Think Year-end Charitable Donation
IBOAI Helps U.S. Dream Academy Raise $600,000 to Support Children - Gala 2009
IBOAI Supports the Children of the U.S. Dream Academy - Gala 2008
IBOAI Supports the Dream of the U.S. Dream Academy
IBOAI Lauds Amway Global, formerly Quixtar's Support of U.S. Dream Academy
U.S. Dream Academy Gala Raises $1.8 Million
U.S. Dream Academy - A Cause Close to Our Hearts
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How is the Independent Business Owners Association International® (IBOA International) funded?
How do I become a member of the Independent Business Owners Association International® (IBOA International)?
2015 IBOAI Board Members Announced
THE IBOAI AND BOARD ELECTION: Make your vote count!
The IBOAI and Board Election: Make your vote count!