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The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (IBOAI) is the advocacy organization for North American Independent Business Owners (IBOs) affiliated with Amway®. The IBOAI advises Amway on every facet of the North American business, from products and promotions to operations and business guidelines. The IBOAI and Amway are dedicated to partnering for success with your input, support and participation.

IBOAI Board Update October 2012

Awards & Recognition Committee spent hours going over plans for 2012 and upcoming Achiever trips, as well as 2013 Diamond Club and future years of Diamond Club. They added valuable insight and input to make these events even more rewarding for qualifiers. They also reviewed possible exotic sites for future NAGC trips. A & R continued to review Fast Track and look at ways to continue tweaking this great incentive. Discussions continued on Growth Incentives and Compensation.

Business Operations Committee discussed issues with damages to packages and delays in deliveries. We were assured that this is at the top of their list and they continue to pursue ways to improve IBO and customer experience. A big topic was ways to incentive customers since Amway is no longer offering free shipping for customers. Lots of creative suggestions were discussed .. including many that came from field leaders like yourselves. We talked about current issues with Partner Stores not being available ... as well as possibilities for future Partner Stores. Had long discussions on how for Amway can better communicate with the field ... whether through their ePub Amway Business News or Social Media or Leadership email. Talked about Mobile Support and Apps for 2013. Discussed issues that some have had with the ePub ABN and fixes that have been put in place for that. Gave great feedback for Ditto Delivery improvements for 2013 .. including great input from many of you. Great discussions on IT improvements for the ANA site and PRWs. They explained some of their issues with charters and resources to make these improvements and went over priorities for the most important fixes. Many of these suggestions were from field leaders ... such as continued improvement to the "search" feature.

Legal & Ethics Committee discusses the most confidential topics ... such as Legal Updates ... Accreditation Plus ... Rules of Conduct Re-Write ... Succession Planning ... Unauthorized Online Sales. They also worked with the Corporation on a new "congratulations letter" to Silver Producers with more IBO-friendly language. They also had updates from the Direct Sales Association and IBOAI consultant, CPA, Joe DePetris.

Marketing Advisory Committee worked diligently on many product-related topics .. such as a review of the Health & Fitness Line ... Nutrition Line ... Artistry Skin Care and Cosmetics line and Legacy of Clean home care line. Had a great discussion around Weight Management. Went through the Welcome Kit and made great suggestions for improvements. Much of the above was from feedback from many of you and other field leaders .. including a request to continue to look for options for gluten-free products. They also discussed the campaigns ... such as the current "Live It Up" campaign and how they help our IBOs.

Following were elected as new Board Members for 2013:

  • Theo Galan
  • Pedro Lizardi
  • Juanita Maldonado
  • Vinny Pappalardo
  • Steve Yager

Following will be joining the Marketing Advisory Committee in 2013:

  • Maribel Galan
  • Dayna Pappalardo

Departing Board & MAC members are:

  • Alberto Aguilera
  • Brad Duncan
  • Kanti Gala
  • Leif Johnson
  • Doug Weir
  • Julie Duncan
  • Lata Gala

We are very thankful for these retiring Board and MAC members and appreciate all that they have contributed these past three years! And we are looking forward to working with our great new Board and MAC members ... 2013 proves to be an exciting year for sure.

The IBOAI will have a booth at Achievers at the Expo. In addition to IBOAI Staff ... it will be manned by current IBOAI and MAC members in order to answer questions or collect suggestions to take back for Board meeting discussions. Ana Nichols from the IBOAI Staff, who is fluent in Spanish, will be there for support for the Hispanic attendees ... as well as Board members also fluent in Spanish who will be there during certain times.

The IBOAI will also have a presence at Diamond Club and will plan to interact with Diamonds at that event to answer questions they may have regarding the IBOAI Board.

We greatly appreciate the support given by all of you to the IBOAI Board and assure you that we are here to support and serve you. Together we will all have a great future for ourselves and our future generations.

Kathy Victor
On Behalf of the IBOAI Board

Overview of the October Board Meetings from Bob Andrews, your IBOAI Vice-Chair.