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The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (IBOAI) is the advocacy organization for North American Independent Business Owners (IBOs) affiliated with Amway®. The IBOAI advises Amway on every facet of the North American business, from products and promotions to operations and business guidelines. The IBOAI and Amway are dedicated to partnering for success with your input, support and participation.

IBO Bookkeeping 101

In conjunction with its continuing mission to enhance and protect your business opportunity, your IBOAI Board has posted IBO Bookkeeping 101 and the new IRS Direct Seller Audit Technique Guide here, free, for you.

We strongly urge you to download and print both of the above for future reference.

In addition we encourage you read both and comply with the directives in the IRS Direct Seller Audit Technique Guide.

IBO Bookkeeping 101 is intended to help you understand tax laws as they relate to your business and to implement practices and procedures to help you comply with the law as stated in the Guide.

We hope that these tools will enhance your road to success in your business.


Learn more about Joe DePetris, Jr., and IBO tax return preparation and tax issues through his Tax Tips for IBOs.

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This article is provided as an educational resource for your guidance, and is strictly informational. It does not constitute legal, accounting, or other professional counsel. Nothing included herein implies a recommendation by the author, the IBOA International, or Amway, of any course or method of regulatory compliance. Readers and users who intend to take, or refrain from taking, any action based on information contained herein should first consult with their qualified tax advisor, preferably a C.P.A., or appropriate regulatory authorities.