IBOA International

The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (IBOAI) is the advocacy organization for North American Independent Business Owners (IBOs) affiliated with Amway®. The IBOAI advises Amway on every facet of the North American business, from products and promotions to operations and business guidelines. The IBOAI and Amway are dedicated to partnering for success with your input, support and participation.

New 2016 IBOAI® Board Members Take Oath of Office

On January 6, the new 2016 IBOAI Board, current and new members, met for the day at the IBOAI offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The newly elected members were officially welcomed to the Board, the history of the IBOAI was presented, and the Board’s communication protocol, procedures, and responsibilities were discussed.

During the session, Vice Chairman Howie Danzik administered the Oath of Office for five new members - Raul Gonzalez, Ivan Morales, Raj Shah, Danny Snipes, and Doyle Yager.

As these IBO Leaders took their Oath of Office, they promised to serve with honor, integrity, and principle and fairly represent all IBOs. Raj and Danny will serve on the Awards & Recognition Committee. Ivan and Doyle are joining the Business Operations Committee and Raul will participate in the Legal & Ethics Committee.

IBOAI Board Oath of Office 2016

IBOAI Board Oath of Office 2016

IBOAI adds to the magic at Achievers 2015

IBOAI at Achievers 2015An enchanting adventure began on Monday, November 30 as over 3,500 IBOs were welcomed to the beautiful Walt Disney World® Swan and Dolphin Resort. Arriving from hometowns throughout North America, the excitement level was high and the smiles were abundant. This year, many IBO parents earned the option of bringing their children to Achievers, making the biggest IBO event of the year even bigger - and brighter! A brilliant Christmas tree in the hotel lobby brought squeals of delight from the little ones; the luxurious pool and beach area impressed parents and children alike.

Once IBOs were registered, they were warmly greeted by the IBOAI. The gifts of an IBOAI journal, logo pen and mints received rave reviews. Ideal for note taking during meetings and presentations at Achievers and after.

On their first evening, the IBOs enjoyed a fabulous welcome celebration around the resort patios and pools. There was delicious food, great music, and amazing light shows - along with loads of laughter, smiles, hugs, and photo-taking.

A select group of IBOs were treated to a preview of the Fuel expo on Monday evening, yet the largest crowd visited on Tuesday. What a busy day! Achievers seemed to take advantage of the opportunity to visit many outstanding brand and product booths. They were eager to learn about and sample new products, pick up literature, interact with Amway™ employees, and chat with the IBOAI Board members and staff.

When IBOs stopped at the IBOAI Booth at the Fuel expo, they received the Year in Reviewbrochure and discussed how the IBOAI functions and supports IBOs and their businesses. Every visitor was given a light-up IBOAI signature pin, in their choice of red, white or blue. Many chose to put the blinking pin on immediately and left the expo "beaming".

To add to the magic of this annual event, the IBOAI is giving away a stunning set of Tumi® luggage in a beautiful bronze. Every registered IBO at the event is automatically entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced later this week.

For their second evening of Achievers, IBOs and their families were off to Universal Studios for an exclusive after-hours excursion of the incredible amusement park.

IBOAI at Achievers 2015

IBOAI at Achievers 2015

IBOAI at Achievers 2015

IBOAI at Achievers 2015

2016 Elected IBOAI Board Members and Committees Announced

In January 2016, the five new members of the IBOAI Board will be sworn into office to serve a three-year term. Join us in warmly welcoming your new members to the IBOAI Board:

Raul Gonzalez
Ivan Morales
Raj Shah
Danny Snipes
Doyle Yager

A special thank you for voting in this election and making your voice heard.

Meet your 2016 IBOAI Board by Committee:

Executive Committee
Bob Andrews, Chairman
Howie Danzik, Vice Chairman
Brad Duncan
Shivaram Kumar
Joe Markiewicz
Kathy Victor

Awards & Recognition Committee
Joe Markiewicz, Chairman
Brad Duncan, Vice Chairman
Shivaram Kumar
Raj Shah
Danny Snipes

Business Operations Committee
Kathy Victor, Chairman
Alberto Aguilera, Vice Chairman
David Dussault
Ivan Morales
Doyle Yager

Legal & Ethics Committee
Bob Andrews, Chairman
Howie Danzik, Vice Chairman
Glen Baker
Raul Gonzalez
Doug Weir

Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC)
Terry Andrews, Chairman
Sandy Hawkins, Vice Chairman
Joya Baker
Theresa Danzik
Renate Snipes

Hearing & Disputes Committee
Jody Victor, Chairman
Bob Andrews
Howie Danzik
Doug Weir

Governance & Oversight Committee
Jody Victor
Bill Hawkins

Platinums Building a Foundation of Success: Beginning at NPC

New Platinums November 2015New Platinums arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Sunday, November 1, excited to spend a few days with fellow New Platinums, Amway™ Corporate staff, and the IBOAI®! After the emerging leaders completed registration at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, they were greeted by the IBOAI staff and presented with the sought-after IBOAI signature spiral journal and pen.

Platinums also registered for a chance to win a Bluetooth speaker boasting the IBOAI logo.  The four lucky winners were Jon & Heather Demuth, Jose & Carmen Marino, Anthony & Samantha McKoy, and Taylor & Kumbe Rameau.

The Amway Merchandise Kiosk offering T-shirts, hats, and more for sale was also a big hit.  The first day concluded with a festive welcome reception and dinner, filled with smiles, hugs, laughter - and lots of photo-taking!

Day Two of New Platinum Conference (NPC) began with the traditional much-anticipated Business Meeting.  Once Amway Canada Sales Manager, Jeff Johnson, kicked off the meeting, the already-high excitement level soared.  It was evident the Platinums were fired up to hear of the many ways Amway supports IBOs and their success.

Next, Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America (ANA), took the stage and shared the message he heard years ago from Rich DeVos and continues to convey to all IBOs: "Thank you. Great job. Keep it up!"

Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez & Elisabeth De La Torre who encouraged the audience to dream big and make it to the next level!

Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President of U.S. Sales, shared "success factors" with the new IBO Leaders. He encouraged them to send emails to their Uplines explaining what would motivate them to go Emerald, to go Diamond - this would help them support their success.

Closing the meeting on a high note, the exuberant audience warmly welcomed Bob Andrews on stage to talk about the "Foundation of Success".  As a Crown, an IBO for 45 years, and current IBOAI Chairman, Bob knows the Business inside and out.  He shared the key to success is a strong foundation of learning and optimism.  He assured the New Platinums, "If you build a foundation of success with optimism, you will become a Diamond!" In response, every IBO Leader in the room was on his or her feet, vigorously applauding and cheering.

Keeping the momentum strong, IBOs were treated to a preview video of Achievers 2016 in Las Vegas before they exited the Business Meeting.

The remainder of the day, Platinums attended education sessions on goal setting and the Rules of Conduct.  In the evening, an XS® Energy Epic 80's Bash is on the agenda.

New Platinums November 2015  New Platinums November 2015

New Platinums November 2015

New Platinums November 2015

IBOAI Expresses Gratitude, Recognizes Leadership and Honors Years of Service at October Board Meetings

November 2015 IBOAI Board MeetingIt was a productive week in October for your IBOAI Board, the MAC, and Amway Corporate staff. They all work together closely at scheduled meetings at the IBOAI's office as well on the phone and online in between their quarterly sessions.

Following tradition, the closing session of the October Board meetings applauded the valuable contributions of five exiting members, recognized the amazing leadership of several, and honored the long-term service and passionate commitment of others.

Bob Andrews, IBOAI Chair, opened the meeting with words of gratitude for the "spirit and unity that flourishes among us and our Amway friends as we move this Business forward."

Retiring Board members who will serve until the end of the calendar year - Theo Galan, Pedro Lizardi, Juanita Maldonado, Vinny Pappalardo, Steve Yager  - were honored for their service by IBOAI Chair Bob Andrews and Vice Chair Howie Danzik.

MAC Chair, Terry Andrews, presented awards to departing MAC members, Maribel Galan and Dayna Pappalardo and made no secret of how valuable they were to the MAC: "You're so amazing!  We will miss you so much!"

Fred Hansen AwardThe Fred Hansen Spirit Award was given to Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President of Sales, Amway North America.  "Every year we recognize someone who exemplifies the spirit Fred Hansen consistently displayed.  Fred loved the Business and loved IBOs and so does this year's award recipient.  This individual is forward-thinking and always fair. Rajneesh Chopra has become a very dear friend," remarked Kathy Victor.  In acceptance of the award, Rajneesh acknowledged it has been a journey since he came to ANA three years ago, but through serious discussions and thoughtful conversations with the IBOAI Board, good work was done.  He stated, "I cherish our partnership.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I enjoy working with you."

Joe Victor AwardJody Victor had the honor of presenting the Joe Victor Leadership Award, aptly named after his father.  Joe Victor, like today's recipient, is held in the highest esteem by the Board and the Government & Oversight Committee.  Jody says, "My father would be surprised to learn this and would be humbled by an award named after him.  He always gave credit to others; he never sought fame.  The recipient of this year's Leadership Award, Terry Andrews, is much the same."  Terry was, in her own words, "totally blown away."  She said, "This is quite an honor.  I am privileged to help this Businesses be and stay as different and better than any other business."

Jim Janz

Next up, a newly created award to recognize a longtime and well-respected IBO Leader, Jim Janz.  He has served over 25 years on the IBOAI Board and has attended 50 Diamond Clubs.  A former IBOAI Chair, Jim now serves as a Board advisor.  Bob Andrews expressed appreciation for all Jim has done for the Board and the Business.  Bill Hawkins commented on Jim's exuberance and zest for life.  Bill concluded with a simple, heartfelt message, capturing the sentiments shared among those in the room,  "You're awesome, buddy!"


Jody Victor

Amazing and awesome describe the milestone the next award recipient achieved this year and the passion and commitment he has for the Business and the IBOAI.  For thirty years, Jody Victor, has tirelessly served on the IBOAI and as Bill Hawkins states, "Jody continues, year after year to serve with vigor.  He keeps his focus through good and bad times.  He also has the ability to move other people's thinking for the good of the Business."

Surprised and emotional, Jody shared, "It's all about helping others.  I am proud of my 30 years and even more proud of the people on the Board and their vision in 1959.  We'll always be the best fleet on the water.  We're unsinkable."