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The Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc. (IBOAI) is the advocacy organization for North American Independent Business Owners (IBOs) affiliated with Amway®. The IBOAI advises Amway on every facet of the North American business, from products and promotions to operations and business guidelines. The IBOAI and Amway are dedicated to partnering for success with your input, support and participation.

March 2015 IBOAI Board Meeting Update

We are very proud of your IBOAI Board & MAC Members and all of their hard work on behalf of all IBOs! 

Much of what we discussed at these meetings  is still confidential and cannot be shared at this time.  Below is what we are able to share at this point.

Amway assured us End of Month issues are a top priority.  They are working on many improvements to the site's performance as well as customer service improvements.  Increased speed of delivery ... CSA improvements on the website and mobile ... Improved search feature with "search ahead" ... Better language when placing orders - more intuitive ... Adding expected "in stock" date for backorders ... Adding date for "on or deliver by date" instead of the vague "5 business days" ... Adding Tracking number with confirmation after order is packaged.

Now when placing a $750 order and requesting "expedited shipping" the fee will only be the $8 expedited shipping fee and not the regular shipping as well.

More improvements are in process for the site and customer service.

Updating the Amway Mobile App this month to load quicker and easier customization and other enhancements.

We requested that they update the "credibility video" to include more testimonials from Partner Store executives.

Social Media update and ways to utilize it for Amway reputation.  "Like & Share articles and posts" Amway Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
AmwayUS YouTube

Working on new Literature and Product Kits for Fall, 2015.

Working on revised Amway Business Owners Brochure (ABOB) Fall, 2015.

September product catalogs will go out in August.
8/3 Diamonds, 8/10 Platinums, 8/17 All IBOs (not sent 1st class so can take up to 10 days to be received)

New Product Discontinuance Protocol.
Update product page 30-60 days in advance with notice of limited availability.  Always provide a suggested replacement or similar product.  Also available on mobile.

Requesting online Holiday Gift Guides that can be printed by IBOs if printed ones are not possible.

Amway looking at expanding the XS Brand to include Sports Nutrition in the future.

Hope to have solution for Perfect Water boxes Summer, 2015.

Working on paper receipt book for those who need it for their customers.

Amway had planned to discontinue Wellsona Brain Health due to low sales ... but Terry Andrews convinced them that we need to keep it.  We've asked that they make it more prominent so that people know that we have it.

Still pushing for Gluten-Free Nutrilite products ... no date yet.

Also requesting products that are non-soy, dairy-free & bars without nuts or chocolate ... no date on that.

The upcoming Campaign Mini-Catalogs are going out to all renewed IBOs (not just engaged IBOs this time).

Requesting that the Body Key Shake Mix be made available in individual pouches  similar to those that come in the Body Key kit.  Right now price would be the issue.

Artistry Men's Skin Care is launching in May, which includes a premium shave crème. Amway will be keeping the Tolsom Shave Crème for the time being to keep an entry-level priced shave crème in the line.

The new Hydra V Skin Care line will launch in November.  There will be more information on that as it gets closer.  It will be priced lower than Youth Xtend, but higher than Artistry Essentials.  The intent was to discontinue the Artistry Essentials line.  We had requested that they keep the Essentials line, but it was a Global decision to discontinue it.  But they did come back with the 3 individual items from both AE sets be kept for several months after the Hydra V launch ... and will continue to pursue an entry-level prices skin care.

Reviewed Achievers & EDC/DC activities, recognition & amenities.

Received report on future Achievers, EDC/DC & NAGC locations.

We continue to push them to get Achievers out of December.  They are locked down with contracts through 2016.

Put a priority on improving the new IBO experience and targeting Activation incentives that will complement Fast Track.  Reviewed findings from the U35 Ad Hoc committee.

Continued to work on improvements for the Diamond Dreams (Peter Island) program to allow Diamonds to use Peter Island as an incentive to grow their business and earn another trip.

Updated on progress with stopping Unauthorized Online Selling.

Update on Ribbon program for Summer 2015.

Looked at possible new innovative Nutrilite door-opening products.

All of our meetings during Board week were incredibly productive, including a great Executive Committee meeting with Doug DeVos.

We will continue to work daily on the above issues and more; and will keep you updated on anything that we are able to share with you.

A Message from Bob Andrews 2015 Board Chairman

Bob AndrewsI am humbled and honored to serve as Chairman of your IBOAI Board in representation of all Independent Business Owners. You can be confident the Board is unified and dedicated to the proposition of optimum opportunity for every IBO in North America.

It is our priority and passion to preserve and enhance this great business model and fully promote the free enterprise system. By working closely with the Corporation and the Field, we can and will maintain the vision, culture, and integrity of the remarkable Founders and Pioneers of this Business.

During the past few years, the Board has strengthened its partnership with the Corporation and enriched communication with the Field. We will continue to frequently collaborate with Diamond leadership and Amway. By working together, I am confident our focus on increasing IBO activation, stability and profitability will yield dynamic growth.

May your business flourish and free enterprise triumph.

Here's to our shared success!

Bob Andrews
Bob Andrews

Derby Theme Wins Big at Diamond Celebration Dinner

IBO Leaders enjoyed another fabulous day in paradise on their fourth day of Diamond Club. Some started the day with an energizing workout and delicious Nutrilite smoothie while others savored a leisurely breakfast.

Many Diamonds participated in pre-planned activities of their choice, from ziplining to hiking, horseback riding to snorkeling, sailing to golfing. A special evening tennis workshop was wildly popular, featuring national tennis pro Murphy Jensen and several local pros working with individual teams of 10. For the finale, the IBO teams played an elimination tournament on the pavilion court under the lights. Great fun for all 100 of the participants and the pros!

Interactive workshops featuring previews of Nutrilite®, Bodykey by Nutrilite® and Artistry® products were offered for those who stayed at the resort. Many Diamonds and their families enjoyed swimming and sunning at the pool as well as the incredible resort spa and beachfront.

In the evening, the Diamonds were treated to an elegant, derby-style 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. Oh, the hats, the hats, the hats! Given the IBOs' derby-style attire, the theme was a big hit.

Derby Theme Enjoyed by All at Diamond Club Celebration Dinner

Everything was absolutely spectacular from the Diamond's attire to the gold-infused table settings and torch-lit gardens. Even the appetizers and specialty drinks kept with the Derby theme, aptly named Bonnets & Bow Ties, Triple Crown, and Run for the Roses.

Spirits were high as the Diamonds complimented each other on their finery, compared notes on the week's adventures, and posed for photos. Live jazz music by the Red Hot Band added to the ambience.

Before an exquisite dinner, ANA Sales Manager, Rajneesh Chopra, addressed the group with a warm, heartfelt message. He expressed how deeply the Corporation values its partnership with the IBO Leaders. He thanked the Diamonds on making the 50th Anniversary so special and announced a beautiful crystal anniversary memento was being delivered to each of their homes.

Crystal Anniversary Memento for Diamonds

During dinner, IBO Leaders were entertained with professional dancers waltzing to "The Way You Look Tonight" sung by Frank Sinatra. Adding to the evening's flair, IBO winners were chosen for the best costumes, based on their creativity, hats, jewelry and overall appearance. ANA National Accounts Director, Angie Polsgrove, announced the winners:

Best Male Derby attire: Charlie Duso
Best Female Derby attire: Leity Cohen
Best Couple Derby attire: Larry & Pam Winters

Following the luscious dinner and frivolity, the Diamonds were cordially invited to enjoy live music and dancing in the Haleakala Ballroom at the resort. Truly an extraordinary evening to remember for years to come!

Business Meeting at Diamond Club Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Looks Forward to Future

The sun sparkled like a "bright diamond" in a beautiful blue Hawaiian sky as the breeze blew warm and gentle. Ideal weather for IBO Leaders of North America to gather and celebrate the 50th Diamond Club, their past accomplishments, and a prosperous future.

It is exactly what they did on the grounds of Ka'anapali Golf Course on Tuesday, February 11. The upbeat tone was set immediately as Diamonds were escorted to an expansive tent, set up exclusively for them, via golf carts. Laughter and smiles were abundant as were photos and videos. The Ka'anapali golf course is as scenic as it is challenging and a popular venue for pro tournaments.

Upon entering the event, IBOs were each given a special Diamond Club 50th Anniversary pin. Judging by the reactions, the pins were appreciated and would become  cherished keepsakes.

Diamond Club Business Meeting 50th Anniversary Celebration

Amway North America (ANA) Managing Director, Jim Ayres, opened the meeting with congratulations for 50 years of leadership and an optimistic message on entrepreneurship thriving now and in the future. Following Jim, IBOAI® Chairman Bob Andrews delivered a hearty congratulations, complete with fond recollections of what was happening 50 years ago. He took the audience back in time with mention of popular Beatles songs like "Can't Buy Me Love", "Twist and Shout" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Bob reminded us this was when "Lucky Charms®" and "Pop Tarts®" made their debut on grocery shelves, and gasoline was just 25 cents a gallon. Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel hosted the first Diamond Club (Bahama Rama) with the first three Diamond families - the Hansens, Victors, and Dutts.  Bob said, "These pioneers built the foundation of this business through hard work and today, all three business are still represented. These founding IBOs' powerful beliefs in God, family, and our country were supported by their unwavering honesty and loyalty to Rich and Jay and to each other." Bob elaborated on the story of these great leaders, concluding with the thought-provoking statement, "The last 50 years tell their story; the next 50 years will tell our story!"

Rajneesh Chopra, ANA National Accounts Director, shared significant business stats indicating the committed efforts of IBO Leaders in attendance. Backing up the important theme, "Together We Grow", Rajneesh encouraged all to continue partnering for success.

Chief Marketing Officer, Jackie Nickel, spoke of leaders serving others and how prevalent it is in the Amway™ business. She cited the partnership of the IBOAI Board in helping develop products and programs for the Field and expressed appreciation for their commitment. Jackie also commented on the Advisory Team specifically created to advise on Artistry® and Nutrilite® brands and programs.

Jackie led a lively panel discussion of what those under 35 years are looking for today and in the future. The onstage panel featured well-respected IBO Leaders: Patrick Mahakkphong, Danielle Nafte (daughter of IBOAI Board members Vinny and Dayna Pappalardo), Theresa Danzik (IBOAI MAC Member), and Ty Crandell.

David Vanderveen, XS® Energy co-founder and newly appointed Amway Vice President, gave a brief history of XS Energy products and the company's relationship with Amway. David assured the IBO Leaders, "Amway didn't buy the XS company to change it, they purchased it to strengthen the relationship and tie the knot." When David introduced a new XS drink flavor (name to be kept a secret for now), it was distributed to the audience in special 50th Anniversary commemorative glassware. After a few sips and plenty of smiles, it was evident the new flavor and the anniversary glasses were both a huge hit.

Continuing the festive mood, Rajneesh recognized the first-time Diamond Club attendees and those who had reached new pin levels. As they stood, IBOs and Amway staff loudly cheered and applauded. It was a picture-perfect moment for these new IBO Leaders!

Then former IBOAI Chair, Jim Janz, took the stage to deliver an entertaining, informative and interesting history of Amway, including some of the ups and downs. He aptly described Diamond Club business meeting as "a bunch of friends gathering together, held by a common foundation - the Amway business." Jim recognized the hard work and dedication of the IBOAI Board through the years, acknowledging the extraordinary efforts of Jody and Kathy Victor in keeping the Board on task and committed to fairly representing all IBOs in North America.

With warmth and grace, Amway Regional Vice President of the Americas, Candace Matthews, expressed gratitude to all who made the business great. She gave special thanks to several IBOs by name, who personally taught her so much about this business. Then, she applauded everyone in the crowd for their achievements and reminded them Diamond Club is a reward for all they've done.

Ending the meeting on a high note, the Legacy Diamonds were invited on stage to join in celebration of the founding families - Hansens, Victors, and Dutts - and the 50th Diamond Club Anniversary. A fabulous tiered cake was brought on stage, and the meeting concluded with Candace cutting the cake for all to enjoy.

Congratulations to all for 50 years of "marriage" - a successful partnership between Amway, IBO Leaders, and the Field.

Diamonds treated to fabulous welcome party at Westin Maui

Traveling from all parts of North America, near and far, qualified Diamonds arrived throughout the day on Tuesday, February 10, to lovely Hawaiian scenery, refreshing ocean breezes, and enthusiastic greetings. 

While Executive Diamonds and above enjoyed helicopter rides over the mountainous Hawaiian island, O'ahu, home of Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach, arriving Diamonds had a chance to enjoy the luxurious Westin Maui. The resort overlooks the clear, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean on the breathtaking, three-mile stretch of Ka'anapali Beach. 

Before the special evening festivities began, many Diamonds and their families strolled the tropical gardens and checked out the delightful aquatic playground of five pools, featuring a swim-through grotto, Jacuzzi, and incredible 128-foot superslide. 

In the evening, attending IBOs were officially welcomed to Diamond Club with a lavish dinner party at the outdoor Aloha Pavilion, a fitting name to welcome and celebrate IBO Leaders. Aloha means affection, peace and compassion and is used as an English greeting for hello and goodbye.

Boasting an "Under the Sea" theme (the table settings were beautiful!) and featuring live music by the band, Espresso, IBOs greeted each other enthusiastically, posed for photos, and enjoyed a fabulous dinner of Hawaiian delicacies and scrumptious desserts.  

The mood was festive as IBOAI® Board members, IBO Leaders, and Amway™ executives touched base with "old friends" and made new friends, too!

Diamonds in Maui