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Recognition and Gratitude Plentiful at October Board Meeting
Your IBOAI Board works in partnership with Amway Corporation to ensure the products and programs offered through this Business are the best they can be for IBOs now and in the future. This requires an unwavering commitment and steadfast faith in the Business, consistently demonstrated throughout the year by your IBOAI Board members.

During the collaborative sessions held at the IBOAI offices the first full week of October, Corporate staff joined the IBOAI Committee meetings to discuss top priorities. At the Closing Session on Thursday, October 9, the valuable contribution of exiting Board members was applauded, the amazing leadership was honored, and appreciation for past accomplishments and future endeavors celebrated.

Retiring Board members who will serve until the end of the 2014 - Steve Woods, Greg Francis and Ignacio Alvarez - were honored for their service. MAC member, Marybeth Markewicz, described by Terry Andrews as "a fabulous person" who's thoughtful and considered comments are always well received. Additionally, three special people were awarded for their inspiring leadership and passionate commitment to the Business and IBOs.

The Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to a surprised Theron Nelsen, who was invited with his wife, Darlene, to attend the meetings as a former IBOAI Board Member. Bill Hawkins expressed appreciation and respect for a man with "a fabulous sense of humor, a great love for people, and amazing leadership even through tough times."  Jody Victor said, "We're proud to present this award to Theron. He is truly a man of his word!"

The Fred Hansen Spirt Award was given to Monica Stitt, Director of Customer Service, Amway North America, by IBOAI Chairman, Kathy Victor. "Fred Hansen was always 100% in and always got things done. Monica Stitt embodies that same spirit," Kathy commented. "She goes above and beyond. Monica always follows through and has made a huge difference in the Customer Service department."

Vice Chairman Bob Andrews had the honor of presenting the Joe Victor Leadership Award to the individual who, like Jody Victor's father, Joe, is "held in the highest esteem by the Board and the Governance & Oversight Committee." As Bob chronicled Joe Victor's attributes, he pointed out the recipient of this award holds the same attributes. "Love of family. Love of Country. Passion for the Amway Business and defender of free enterprise. A leader who speaks from his heart for what he believes in and is loved by all." Former IBOAI Chairman Steve Woods gratefully accepted this prestigious award, commenting on how much it meant to be honored for his dedication.

Before the meeting came to a close, Bill Hawkins and Bob Andrews remarked on Kathy Victor's exemplary service over the last three years as Chairman of the IBOAI Board. "She is a master at multitasking, extremely well organized, and someone we marvel at, appreciate and love," exclaimed Bill. "She'll continue as Chairman until the end of the year, but we felt it was important to give her this well-deserved award today." Surprised and delighted, Kathy expressed her appreciation to all, but especially her husband and partner, Jody Victor. "All I learned about leadership was from Jody. He has helped me become the person I am today. You're an incredible group of people and together, I think we've made a difference. Thank you."

For Board meeting highlights by Committee, click here.

Discussed improvement to the Legacy Diamond and above recognition and reward program
Locations for future Achievers
Options for Diamond Dreams (Peter Island) criteria
Suggestions to help with new IBO Activation
Future Promotions

Biz Ops
Looked at Switch App and future improvements
Discussed better ways to alert IBOA that products are being discontinued and better display suggested replacements
Discussed future promotions to increase volume for IBOs

Legal & Ethics
Discussed market research done by Amway
Looked at options for more Best Practice videos for the Field
Reviewed and discussed unauthorized online sales

Discuss direction for future skin care products
Continue to pursue options for more Gluten Free items in our health line
Discussed additions to the new hair care line
Reviewed new Body Key products to be previewed at Achievers

Election results are in! In January 2015, the five members will be sworn into office to serve a three-year term. The IBOAI welcomes:

Alberto Aguilera
Glen Baker
Howie Danzik (re-elected)
Dave Dussault
Joe Markiewicz (re-elected)

Thank you for voting in this election and making your voice heard. The new IBOAI Board members look forward to representing you!


  • This is your opportunity to make your voice heard! The IBOAI Board represents all IBOs and it's important to help select Board Members who will act in the best interest of all IBOs.
  • IBOs currently qualified at the Platinum level and above are eligible to vote annually for new members of the IBOAI Board of Directors.
  • We are the ONLY Business Opportunity in our industry with a trade association that affords its "IBOs" the right to participate in the election of a Board of Directors comprised exclusively of IBOs.



  • The IBOAI Board advises and consults with Amway Corporation on every facet of the Business to ensure your voice is heard!
  • The IBOAI Board proactively develops and creates new ideas for recommendation to Amway relative to products, policies, and rules.
  • Prior to final action, Amway submits to the IBOAI Board for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation all proposed new policies, proposed policy changes, or changes to the IBO contract, including the Compensation Plan and Rules of Conduct, which may materially affect IBOs.
  • The Board of Directors meets formally four times a year and spends countless hours between Board meetings on conference calls and attending additional meetings - continually working to sustain the best Business Opportunity for generations to come.
  • The IBOAI, in conjunction with Amway, provides a confidential dispute resolution process, the rules and substance of which cannot be changed or modified without the consent of the IBOAI Board and Amway.


Awards & Recognition Committee
Event Amenities
Money & Rewards brochure
Activation & Sponsoring
Fast Track/Fast Track Plus Incentive Programs
Future Achievers

Business Operations Committee
Amway™ Apps & Digital Tools
Fixes for Web
End of Month
Partner Stores
Ribbon Program

Legal & Ethics Committee
Bonus Payment Options
Integration Guidelines
Succession Planning
Unauthorized Selling of Products Online
Power of Ownership Video
Direct Selling Association Update

Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC)
Artistry® Ideal Radiance™ Launch
Fall Campaign & Fall Trend Collection
Sports Nutrition
Nutrilite® 80th Anniversary
Bar Update
Product Promotions

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