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  • This is your opportunity to make your voice heard! The IBOAI Board represents all IBOs and it's important to help select Board Members who will act in the best interest of all IBOs.
  • IBOs currently qualified at the Platinum level and above are eligible to vote annually for new members of the IBOAI Board of Directors.
  • We are the ONLY Business Opportunity in our industry with a trade association that affords its "IBOs" the right to participate in the election of a Board of Directors comprised exclusively of IBOs.



  • The IBOAI Board advises and consults with Amway Corporation on every facet of the Business to ensure your voice is heard!
  • The IBOAI Board proactively develops and creates new ideas for recommendation to Amway relative to products, policies, and rules.
  • Prior to final action, Amway submits to the IBOAI Board for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation all proposed new policies, proposed policy changes, or changes to the IBO contract, including the Compensation Plan and Rules of Conduct, which may materially affect IBOs.
  • The Board of Directors meets formally four times a year and spends countless hours between Board meetings on conference calls and attending additional meetings - continually working to sustain the best Business Opportunity for generations to come.
  • The IBOAI, in conjunction with Amway, provides a confidential dispute resolution process, the rules and substance of which cannot be changed or modified without the consent of the IBOAI Board and Amway.


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In the opening session of the June Board Meetings, IBOAI Chair Kathy Victor reminded the IBOAI® Board, the Board's Advisory Committee, MAC, and Amway Corporate staff in attendance to focus on the "Why We're in Business" rather than spend needless energy on the "How" and "What". It is essential that the Board represent the Field and look to the future.

Following Kathy's direction, thoughtful discussions, productive planning, and helpful conversations took place all week. As Jody Victor, Governance & Oversight Chair says, "We all work tirelessly to build upon our successes and make the Business great today and great for the future."

A few of the Closing session highlights included mention (and print copies) of The New Main Street supplement to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) by Direct Selling News. The supplement, inserted in the WSJ on June 10, featured an article on the world's largest direct selling companies. Amway™ is No. 1 with 2013 net sales of $11.8 billion!

Vice Chair Bob Andrews shared a new animated video on "The Power of Ownership" specifically targeted to new IBOs. The content focuses on the responsibilities of Business ownership. This video was co-developed by the Board's Legal and Ethics Committee and Amway North America's Training & Education Department.

Angie Polsgrove, Amway™ National Accounts Director, expressed appreciation for the open, honest dialogue that occurs consistently between the Board and the Corporation. She made the point, "We all want to make a difference in the Business and we can't do it without each other. Partnering is important."

Following tradition, Bill Hawkins and Jody Victor, IBOAI Governance & Oversight Committee, were asked to share a few words. Bill spoke of the great fortune of developing friendships while building the Business. He commented, "As the years go by, it becomes less about the money and more about the friendships."

Jody Victor, on behalf of the entire Board, eloquently thanked Kathy for all she does as the IBOAI Chairman. He explained leadership is demonstrated through authority and acts of service, and "Kathy is about Service with a big S." As a sign of wholehearted agreement, the audience loudly applauded.

As Kathy took the microphone she admitted, "I've never served with such an incredible group and I am so proud to work with you." She then turned to Jody and said, "Back at you!" Sometimes short and simple sends a big message.

Keeping the Beat

Rain may have been in the evening forecast for Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday, June 18, but absolutely nothing could dampen the enthusiasm and energy of the kids attending the Jared Veldheer Football Camp at Forest Hills Northern High School. The camp supports Keeping the Beat, an ongoing Student Heart Screen Program.

Established by Metro Health, Keeping the Beat is committed to raising awareness and educating students and parents about Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Keeping the Beat emphasizes the importance of early detection for heart conditions through free community heart screen events for students. Funds raised through football camps like this one and basketball clinics help make the heart screen events possible, as do generous sponsors such as the IBOAI and Metro Health.

As soon as they registered, the 5th through 8th graders were geared up with Keeping the Beat T-shirts and ready to get on the field with Arizona Cardinals' left tackle, Jared Veldheer. Standing at 6'8" and weighing a massive 320 pounds, Jared is a real powerhouse who demands respect on the field. He also boasts a dynamite smile and warm personality, making him a great coach for future football greats like the campers who attended this camp.

The action-packed evening began with a group warm-up led by multiple coaches who carefully explained and demonstrated correct techniques for stretching and conditioning. Once everyone was prepared to play, the large group was divided into smaller groups to focus on developing and practicing defense skills.

At the break, IBO Jared Veldheer was joined by Dr. Ed Kornoelje (known as Dr. K.), Metro Health Sports Medicine Provider for the Grand Rapids Griffins and several local colleges and universities. Dr. K. expressed the importance of being active and reminded the campers, "Video games are okay and fun, but being active is the best." He also spoke about nutrition and suggested, "Now's the time to develop healthy habits for good nutrition and overall performance." As a "perfect" example of smart snacking, the IBOAI provided Perfect Water and Nutrilite protein bars for the campers, coaches, and parents.

Jared discussed having fun and also working hard. He encouraged the campers to play sports with buddies and enjoy it." He also advised them to maintain a strong work ethic as working hard is what will take them where they want to go, providing examples from his own experience as a former player for Oakland Raiders and now, the Arizona Cardinals. He stated, "We choose our own attitude and the attitude we choose can make a difference in where and how far we go in sports and in life."

Next up? Campers developing and practicing offense skills on the field. Throughout both sessions, the boys were attentive and hard-working while Veldheer and the other coaches were positive and encouraging.

Despite the light rainfall that began during the second session, campers continued to be engaged, energetic and excited. They were "all in" when it came to a fun-filled game of Air Force Football, finishing the evening with an ice cream treat as reward for a job well done!

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U.S. Dream Academy 2014

U.S. Dream Academy's Annual Power of a Dream Gala presented by Amway is always inspirational and entertaining, and the 13th Annual Gala held June 11, 2014 at the Washington Hilton was no exception. It was incredible from start to finish!

The special evening began with a VIP reception to recognize the many Dream Gala sponsors, including the IBOAI®, MMP (Jody and Kathy Victor), BWW™ Charities, and Greg and Jacquie Francis.

The fabulous dinner program began with Candace Matthews, Amway's Chief Marketing Officer, welcoming guests. The room sparkled with elegance, glowing with floating candles, fresh hydrangeas, sequined tablecloths, and smiles on every guest's face.

A wonderful treat, and one that guests look forward to at every gala is the musical performance by the Academy's DreamKids. This year's surely did not disappoint! Joined by guest soloist, Matthew Schuler, a finalist on the NBC's The Voice, the DreamKids sang Pharrell Williams' song, Happy. Representing the philanthropic spirit and energy of the IBOAI and MAC, Vinny and Dayna Pappalardo delighted the audience by dancing with the DreamKids on stage.

The 2014 President's Awards honored Congressman Chaka Fattah (PA), Andrew Bertamini, Regional Vice President of Wells Fargo, and Britt Worldwide Charities.

Entertainment was exquisite throughout the evening, featuring Wintley Phipps, the Academy's founder and CEO's debut of a powerful new song and his memorable words, "The Academy was founded by miracles and is sustained by them." Other highlights included a mesmerizing performance by the incomparable Ann Nesby (two-time Grammy award winner) and speed painting by Jessica K. Haas, producing a breathtaking portrait of Mother Theresa in just 90 seconds!

Also announced during the evening, the delicious Teavana® Oprah Chai products, sold by Starbucks® and Teavana retail stores, will benefit the U.S. Dream Academy along with several other youth programs.

Through this premier gala and popular live and silent auction items (including the Mother Theresa portrait), attendees generously supported the U.S. Dream Academy. This year's gala raised over ONE MILLION DOLLARS, proving the power of a dream is mighty.

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