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Thursday, December 01, 2022


As were many significant events in 2020, this year’s Achievers celebration was held virtually due to the pandemic. The passion, energy, and optimism so prevalent whenever IBOs come together to celebrate success was crystal clear on the screen and in their voices. They may not have been in the same room, but their heartfelt connection brought them close during the event.

Better than EverRajneesh Chopra, Vice President of Sales – North America, served as emcee. He opened the event with a warm message of gratitude for the hard work, flexibility, and strength of the Achievers. He said, “You exemplified resilience this past year, more than ever.” He introduced the 2020 Achievers Better than Ever mailing Amway had recently sent out to qualified Achievers – and assured them information on resources and tools to support their unique business needs were included in the mailing and also offered on an exclusive website.

Special guest Doug DeVos, Amway Co-Chairman, expressed his admiration and gratitude to the IBO Leaders for all they’ve “accomplished in the midst of so many challenges and disruption around the world.” He also said, “There’s a lot going on in the Amway business. Changes to make the business better for you to build and move forward. But that doesn’t mean the foundations of the Amway business are changing. We believe in you and your future success.”

Amway Chief Executive Officer, Milind Pant, delivered a heartwarming congratulatory message to IBO Leaders. He mentioned, “Rich and Jay believed the success of Amway rests on the success of new IBOs selling to new customers. It is our responsibility to proactively provide the plan, the products, and the digital platform to help you make this happen. I’m excited by what you’ve achieved and look forward to what you will do in 2021! By partnering, we can build North America to be even bigger, even better.”

Following these remarks, Achievers were recognized on video by Pin level, from Emerald to new Diamonds to Triple Diamonds, culminating with new Founders Crowns’ Brad and Julie Duncan. Asked what advice they give to IBOs,  the Duncans said, “Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. We just never quit. We reset our goals again and again.” Brad Duncan serves on the IBOAI Executive Committee. Additional IBOAI Board members recognized were Shivaram & Anjali Kumar as new Triple Diamonds, Dave & Kristen Dussault and Juanita & Antonio Maldonado as new Founders Executive Diamonds, Doug & Amie Weir as new Executive Diamonds, Howie and Theresa Danzik as new Double Diamonds.

Everyday Heroes were recognized in three videos: IBOs, Amway employees and Community Partners, including U.S. Dream Academy.

Prior to this virtual event, Achievers received a generous package of gifts from Amway including a distinctive journal and pen from the IBOAI in honor of their achievements.