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Monday, April 23, 2018

Below is an update from the October IBOAI Board Meetings.  As always, there is only so much we can share because of confidentiality issues for many of the topics.

  • Discussed the importance of "clean products" and more education on what that means.
  • Requested the ability for IBOs to send individual pages from digital catalogs.
  • NSF Update - they are the only third party laboratory that tests at the levels that they test at.  Purpose of NSF is to verify that what is claimed is in the product matches the content. The ingredients are at safe levels.  And that manufacturing facilities meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) via semi-annual audits.   Our premium products are an investment and also an investment in you.  We are proud of the Nutrilite brand.  There is a video on Amway.com explaining NSF
  • August 24: 47 products from Nutrilite were NSF certified and this afternoon both Twist Tubes and Brainiums will have certification.  Will post it on web and will update the Supplement Guide.
  • BodyKey - December 2016 - Sweet Lemon Crunch High Protein and Fiber Bar, January 2017
  • Truvivity - launched August 10 - September sales were through the roof
  • Next steps: Promoting Truvivity with Hydra V to encourage a complete holistic approach to hydration of the skin
  • Truvivity will be featured in the next Supplement Guide
  • Offering Truvivity as individual SKUs and will launch Feb 8, 2017
  • Amway Regional Events were a success.  Amway will be planning similar meetings in 2017.  IBOAI advised Amway to get dates out asap as to not conflict with IBO events.
  • TJ Maxx is finally launching as a Partner Store.
  • Amway Gear is launching which will include XS Gear, Coaches Poll Gear, Artistry and Nutrilite Gear.  XS Gear will be available in both Partner Stores.
  • Discussed the exclusions to PV/BV that "Target" is making now.  Typically Amway would shut it down ... but they feel the brand value is important .. appeals to millennials.
  • Ribbon Update ... easier access from Amway.com now - mobile optimized
  • Easier to access from Amway.com now  - Mobile optimized eCommerce & redemption sites make Ribbon easier to share, purchase and redeem - Faster PV/BV - 98% awarded within 1.2 days  -  EGift FAQs available/demo video coming soon  -  98% of orders delivered within 3 - 8 business days
  • Business Reference Guide is being added back into the Welcome Kit February 2017.
  • Suggested Amway add on the web and in the catalogs for the Welcome Kit ... "Leaders recommend that new IBOs also get this Welcome Product Kit" or something like that ... so that new IBOs know it's of great benefit to have the products.
  • Discussed Gift Guides for Holiday giving ... Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.
    • Prioritize Credibility Videos for IBO use and get out as soon as possible
    • Launching additional Training & Education courses October 2016 & again February 2017
  • Launched New Premium Delivery option in Canada
  • Working on new shipping rate options in US & Canada
  • Make Competitive Comparisons easier to find on the site
  • Discussed making renewal more effective - point out perks such as AT&T.  Enhance the current renewal campaign
  • Updates to Amway website in 2017 - modern integrated website experiences that enables IBO success - Mobile first
  • AchieveMagazine.com is moving to Amway.com (behind password)
  • Talked about the September EOM outage - still digging into root cause.  70% of orders came in through Mobile - Canada & DR were fine - Expect October to be good and no outages
  • September Free Shipping Promo was a great success
  • Had discussion on auto renewal at point of registration
  • Received update on progress with Unauthorized Online Selling & Exporting
  • Discussed parameters for the upcoming new Growth Incentive next year

Discussions on New Platinum Conferences, Achievers, Emerald Growth Forums at Achievers, Diamond Clubs, NAGC, Diamond Dreams Program and planning for Amway's 60th Celebration