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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Board Meeting Updates

Awards & Recognition

  • Presentation to explain profitability and structure (zero to Platinum and Platinum to Ruby)
  • Special event for ANA Diamonds at A60
  • Future NAGC and Diamond Club locations
  • Discussed enhancements to the event app

Business Operations

  • Reviewed new web enhancements
  • Discussed backorder and forecasting issues
  • Looked at options to help with delivery concerns
  • Natural disaster contingency plan in place for hurricane season

Legal & Ethics

  • Reviewed Higher Award tracking and verification
  • Received an update on unauthorized online selling and exporting
  • Legal updates
  • Updating Quality Assurance Standards (QAS)

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Discussed options for “clean” products and edibles
  • Reviewed the launch of the personalized serum
  • Artistry™ Studio Cosmetics launch
  • Reviewed the launch of new skin care masks in 2019
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Legal and Ethics Committee MAC Committee
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