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Monday, June 17, 2019

Awards & Recognition

  • Reviewed plan of action for promoting 2018 Growth Incentive and 2% added to Leadership Bonus to the Field
  • Discussed the new FAA program and the non-cash awards criteria (Diamond Dreams & NAGC)
  • Looked at NAGC invitation criteria
  • Recognition for Full Volume Platinums – including Platinum Plus, Elite & Ruby

Legal & Ethics

  • Update on Certain Tax Requirements
  • Discussion on Higher Awards Tracking Process
  • Conciliation and Legal updates
  • Unauthorized Selling elimination progress

Business Operations

  • Working on IBO renewal campaign
  • Reviewed ideas for incentives for Ditto
  • Updates on new web platform & mobile
  • Publications as PDFs on Resource Center

Marketing Advisory Committee

  • Partner Stores Update
  • In-Store Program – Local Restaurant Offers
  • Looked at new technology for future Artistry products
  • New Acne Treatment in development