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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Board Meeting Updates

October 2019 IBOAI Board meetings were extremely productive. Below are topics discussed that we can share at this time. Much of what we discussed is still under confidentiality and attorney-client privilege . . . we will share as much as we can with you as soon as we are permitted.

Business Operations:

  • Working on Customer Loyalty program
  • Amway will be on Forbes.com under “Brand Voice” (with companies like Cole Haan and Capital One, etc.) with stories on the Business and IBOs.
  • DCS launch has been delayed.   No planned date at this time.
  • Discussed current issues with new ANA website and we were updated on fixes.  We will continue to monitor. Be sure to contact Amway Customer Service with any issues you are experiencing (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Requested Amway make it easier to find the QAS on the website.
  • Reviewed options for customer verification.

Marketing Advisory Committee:

  • Nutrilite Traceability – January 2020: Only Nutrilite has a detailed nine-step process to ensure pure, safe & effective vitamin supplements.  Traceability is trending – customers who care about this – from food & beverages to supplements.  Nutrilite Traceability.com will be presented at Achievers – the nine-step process will be highlighted. 
    Traceability Support: Nutrilite Traceability Website, Education course, Expert Speakers, Infographic, Achievers Demonstration of the Traceability Website, Update All Brand Communications, including Supplement Guide, Catalogs, Getting Started with Nutrilite, Conversation Cards, COH & NYBC . . . they are also testing Amway Resource app to help IBOs start conversations and share the story.
  • The new Probiotic will be introduced at Achievers and launches February 5, 2020.
    ++Product is soy free, Dairy free, gluten free and lactose free.
  • November 20 will launch the Vit C 60 count.
  • New Product line … n* by Nutrilite will launch in May . . . preview at Achievers . . . gummies, shots, essential oils, kombucha . . . all under $30.00.  For Stress, Sleep, Mood, Focus and Immunity.  US product only for now. Every 9 to 11 months will have a new collection to add to “n”.
  • Holiday Gift with Purchase – spend $150 on Artistry Studio Bangkok Products and receive gift of Tech pouch and luggage tag.  Begins November 6 and will go up on site November 6th.
  • Essential Oil Holiday Launch – Essentials Oil On-the-go balms launch November 6.
  • Continue to push Amway for clean products and labels.
  • Working to refine email communications from Amway to be more efficient. Continue to push Amway to utilize text.
  • Viewed the new “My Packs”.  Launching early November. QR Code on back of individual packets which will take customers/IBOs to videos – live November 6th Videos will also be offered in Spanish.
  • CBD Product:
    • CBD Spray & Cream launching last week of November.
    • CBD Cool Spray – goes on cool and has cooling sensation and stays active for over an hour – 250 mg of CBD full spectrum CBD – also has essential oils, Arnica, menthol Paraben free, dermatological tests and no animal.
    • CBD Cream – deeply massage something into your muscle – two great products with similar benefit but up to person and which they prefer.
    • CBD overview video will be on the site at launch.
  • Discussed new packaging of XS Drinks.  They are working on reducing damages and in making the flavors easier to see in the carton.

Awards & Recognition:

  • Previewed the layout for Achievers Expo.  “Empower Your Business”. Primary message is getting the most of “Core Plus”.  Those attending Achievers will be able to sample the new n* by Nutrilite. 
  • LGS will be at Achievers to have conversations with individuals about Core Plus.
  • Achievers will have a full Emerald sneak peek this year.
  • Discussed the $20 coupons from the Welcome Kit for customer registration. Need to do better with activation.

Legal & Ethics:

  • Worked with Amway on updated Speaking Guidelines.   If you did not receive a copy of those guidelines, please let us know.
  • Received Direct Selling Association Update.
  • Received update on Unauthorized Online Selling & Exporting.
  • Received an update on BSM review process.
  • Rules discussion, specifically Rule 3 on electronic signature for registration.
  • Rule 11, ADR process discussion.
  • Looked at new options for Diamond Club and EDC Club.
  • Reviewed the importance of the Achieve Magazine.
  • Looked at options for the Diamond Dreams program with the delay of the Peter Island repair.

The IBOAI closing general session was very special.  The following awards were presented:

  • Fred Hansen Spirit Award presented to Karen DeBlaay.
  • Joe Victor Leadership Award presented to Sandy Hawkins.
  • Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Bill Campbell – accepted by his son, Dave.
    For those of you who may not know . . . in addition to qualifying at Diamond or above for all of these years, he was also an Amway employee and is responsible for the addition to BV to PV.
  • Bob Andrews was presented a pin for his new role on the IBOAI Board of Mentoring Chairman Emeritus.
  • Jody Victor was presented the new “Jody Victor Guardian Award” for his many, many years of service to the IBOAI Board and the entire Field!   This award will be presented to other leaders when they meet some very stringent qualifications. 

Newly Elected Board Members:

  • Juanita Maldonado
  • Vinny Pappalardo
  • Steve Victor
  • Ken Woods
  • Dan Yuen

New Executive Committee Members:

  • Dave Dussault
  • Steve Yager


  • Vinny Pappalardo, Chairman
  • Joe Markiewicz, Vice-Chairman

Thank you for your participation in the IBOAI Board Election and your continued support of your IBOAI!