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Friday, August 12, 2022

Board Meeting Updates

We had very good IBOAI Board Meetings at the end of October. As always, much of what was discussed is still confidential at this point and will be shared as soon as possible.

A reminder of the importance for all of us and our downlines to follow the Amway guidelines regarding any and all product claims.

New Board Members for 2021:

Sugeet Ajmani
Howie Danzik
Maribel Galan
Shivaram Kumar
Joe Markiewicz

Chairman for 2021: Vinny Pappalardo
Vice Chairman for 2021: Joe Markiewicz

2020 Fred Hansen Spirit Award: Molly Jeffcott

2020 Joe Victor Leadership Award: Theresa Danzik

2020 Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award: Steve Woods

2020 Tugboat Awards: Bill Hawkins

Meritorious Awards:

10 years Pedro Lizardi
15 years Joe Markiewicz
20 years Bob Andrews
35 years Jody Victor

Update from Amway Customer Service:

  • Customer Service staff are still working from home due to Covid Restrictions.
  • Amway is increasing their Ada-based Customer Service Representatives. Between now and January to have more calls go to Ada rather than out of the country.
  • Customer Service is in the process of training Customer Service Representatives for special handling for Customers … they will be prioritized and this has already launched.

Amway asks that we continue to be patient as they work through all of the pandemic issues affecting the business … raw material shortages … employees having to work from home … manufacturing slow-down due to Covid social distancing and protocol. They are working diligently to solve the backorder and TNA situation as well as Customer Service.

Business Center 2.0 launch

  • LOS enhancements
  • Action Results
  • Customer list and order history enhancements

Customer Registration

  • Goal to continue to simplify
  • Ability to do with 4 different options
    • New Customer Registration
    • Customer Registration at Checkout
    • IBO initiates
    • Thru MyShop experience

Moving to mobile phone as primary ID

MyShop...official rollout mid-November

  • Share Bar integration
  • Create connected domain name for initial URL


  • Launching to everyone late November
  • Major Holiday sale and incentives for end of November/early December


  • Moving away from RFID and moving strictly to QR codes for simplified shopping experience
  • Goal is to have in each product...starting with all the “My Favorites”

Digital Content Experience

  • All product related ...moving to product pages when shopping
  • Ability to share thru sms and email right from that location
  • All Business support will be behind the New Amway Business Center App
  • Virtual Toolbox will still exist

n* by Nutrilite

  • 2 new kits coming
  • 6 new n* products launching in Jan
  • 2 more new gummies coming in March

Nutrilite Recommender Launched

  • Increase awareness and use within the Field

The New Platinum Conference virtual event was a success. Qualified IBOs who may have missed this event must get in touch with their LGS rep and make sure they fulfill the requirements, prior to December 16, 2020, for them to be able to attend the in-person events scheduled in 2021.

As you know, Amway accepted the IBOAI’s recommendation to make Exception Cancellation Payment (ECP) to all Achievers qualifiers. Due to ongoing Covid concerns, Diamond Club 2021 has been cancelled as well. An email went out on November 4 outlining ECP for Diamonds and above.

Amway recognition still looking into shifting Achieve magazine to a once in a year publication, while utilizing digital platforms for recognition throughout the year.

Amway & IBOAI are in discussions to implement a program to recognize Top Producers of VCS as quickly as possible, that includes, but is not limited to posting those leaders on Amway’s digital experience.

NAGC 2021 is still in play based on how Covid situation evolves. 2022 and beyond locations are still pending since staff cannot perform site inspections etc.

Amway will continue to work with IBOAI to determine criteria around VIP opportunities at events on a case by case basis.

Amway will consult with higher pins about how many copies of Achieve magazines they will need (that they are featured in) instead of sending them the boxes by default.

Diamond Dreams – Peter Island availability is still an unknown due to slow construction from hurricanes and Covid concerns.

Launch of Studio ZEN DAZE CBD facial oil on November 18. Zen Daze is a facial oil that will nourish, hydrate and calm your skin. Made with Lavender and cucumber.

The New CBD mini jar samples were launched 10/21.

Launch of Sparkling Waters has been delayed until sometime after the New Year 2021 due to Covid related packaging delays on the bottles. Dates TBA. NOTE: Hydrate will have 3 flavors. Recover will have 2 flavors.

Coming soon: Aluminum Free deodorant.

Artistry Signature Select Body Cleansers and crèmes infused with Nutrilite sourced botanicals launched 6. EXCITEMENT: Artistry Studio Shanghai reached 180% of 1st month forecast. Best day 1st day of sales. The Shanghai preview bundles reported 74% of sales. 4200 bundles sold.

Update on progress with stopping unauthorized online selling and exporting.

Discussed Quality Assurance Standards for BSM.

Reviewed the Reclassification Program.

A reminder to make certain you are set up for auto-renewal with Amway and that your IBOAI dues are included.

All in all a very productive week to help move the business forward!