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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

Had in-depth discussions with Amway’s Nutrilite team about nutrition, including the Nutrilite Restage project.

Discussion regarding updating and modernizing Nutrilite graphics for our customers.

Working on IBO Training & Education “Journey to Wellness Champions” to enhance customer sales.

Previewed the Tools & Programs Breakfast Challenge for use with customers.

Discussion on the following topics: 

  • Men’s and Women’s nutrition
  • Kids Phase II
  • Vision & Omega, Herbals
  • N* by Nutrilite
  • Wellness Bars

Discussion took place regarding the XS Sports Nutrition line for our customers.

Discussed updates on lip color and the success of the 2022 product launches such as the mini sets, holiday gifts and Studio Skin, designed for customers.

Discussed the upcoming 2023 launches of the all-new Glister products and the G & H Body line for our customers.

Reviewed the New IBO Experience regarding the Welcome Experience, a digital update and ways to help IBOs with their customers.

Digital updates:

  • App transition
  • My Performance Dashboard
  • Ditto
  • Tracking for Core Plan and Incentives, including Bronze Builder Action Report
  • Also updates on “My Receipt” and “My Inventory” search for use with customers 

Discussion on helping increase sales to Preferred Customers.

Discussion on making the customer experience the best it can be.

Reviewed an update on new Sales Pins and Top Sales Recognition.

Maximizing Bronze Foundation Incentive (BFI) and Bronze Builder Incentive (BBI) recognition.

Update and discussion on Hyperwallet.

Discussed data on IBO qualifications impacted by hurricane Ian in September.

Received an update on product availability due to supply chain issues.

Presented the Jody Victor Guardian Award to Jim Janz.

Presented Joe Victor Leadership Award to Dave Dussault.

Presented Jere Dutt Lifetime Achievement Award to Bob Andrews.

Presented outgoing Chairman Gavel Award to Vinny Pappalardo.