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Monday, November 18, 2019

IBOAI News Articles

Howie Danzik and Bob AndrewsIt is truly an honor to serve on the IBOAI Board, and represent all IBOs in North America. Here in March of 2018, we are proud to report that our partnership with the corporation is very strong, and along with great unity and leadership in the Field, the future of our incredible Business is very bright.

We completed a tremendous week of IBOAI Board meetings in Grand Rapids at the end of March. There are many exciting things happening in the Business, and we continue to work closely with corporate staff on many important topics and initiatives. Our goal is always to continue to make ANA the shining example for all IBOs around the world to follow. We are excited and proud to announce that the Executive Committee appointed Kathy Victor as the first Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") of the IBOAI. Based on Kathy’s nonstop work and effort on behalf of the IBOAI and the Field, it became evident that her role was far more akin to a CEO rather than an Executive Director of our very substantial and important Organization. Congratulations Kathy!

Your elected Board members portray leadership at its highest level and work hard for all IBOs. We are poised for continued growth and success in 2018, and into the future. We have had some great discussions about upcoming events, like the 60th celebration (A60) and Achievers in Nashville later this year. New promotions around Ditto and enhanced shipping have been announced. We are working closely with Amway™ staff regarding the new Amway website and several new product launches coming this year. Everyone seems happy with the 6% Leadership bonus that started this past September.

For more details, check out the suggestions, accomplishments, and discussion points below. Your IBOAI welcomes your suggestions and ideas, and we will continue to work together to make our Business the best opportunity in the world.

To our continued success,

Howie Danzik

Howie Danzik, Chairman of the IBOAI

Bob Andrews

Bob Andrews, Vice Chairman of the IBOAI