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Sunday, August 09, 2020

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Remembering Rich DeVos

The passing of Amway’s co-founder, Rich DeVos, on September 6, 2018 has left us all deeply saddened at the IBOAI and in the Field. Please join us in honoring Rich’s life and legacy, by keeping his positive spirit and commitment to helping people live better lives alive and strong.

We have always been in awe of the Business Opportunity he and Jay Van Andel, along with the Hansens, Victors, and Dutts originated in 1959. As pioneers, they had the vision to understand the direct-selling company led by Rich and Jay would prosper if a separate Association represented the interests of its distributors – and the company and this Association worked side-by-side. Almost 60 years ago, the American Way Association, now the IBOAI, was created as the voice of all distributors (IBOs). Today, the Corporation and the IBOAI continue to partner for success – for all.

Rich DeVos was an extraordinary man and exceptional entrepreneur. A role model and life enricher. A man of faith and family. A gentleman and friend. Some of us knew him better than others but all of us knew him to be a generous leader with a loving heart.

In his 92 years of life, he touched millions of lives around the world – and in the days to come, he will impact many more lives through the Corporation and IBOAI he co-founded, the many charities he supported, the books he authored, and communities he revitalized. Countless stories involving Rich will be shared and cherished.

Let your own memories of Rich DeVos inspire and motivate you. Keep his kind words and wise advice close to your heart. This is the greatest tribute you can give to a remarkable man who will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

To learn more about Rich’s life and achievements, visit www.RichDeVos.com. You can also leave a tribute or a message of condolence to the family on this memorial site.

Kathy Victor