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Saturday, October 16, 2021

IBOAI News Articles

In our on-going attempt to keep all of you up to date on good business practices for Amway product claims, below are some important facts to keep in mind as your build your Business. 

We all need to make certain that all of us and our IBOs are following these guidelines very strictly.

AMWAY™ PRODUCT CLAIMS – Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of all, we must stress that NO Amway™ products may be advertised, marketed or otherwise represented as a means to treat, cure or prevent Coronavirus or the spread of Coronavirus.  Such claims are not permissible by law and are strictly prohibited by Amway.  Please refrain from referencing – in social media or other presentations, in-person or by electronic means – COVID-19 or Coronavirus in connection with Amway products or the Amway Business.  In social media, this means that IBOs are prohibited from mentioning coronavirus or COVID-19 in social posts (including use of hashtags) if the content of the post also mentions any of our brands or any Amway product.

The correct way to position our Immunity Products would be that they “support” or “maintain” immunity . . . rather than use the term “boost”.

Again, please do not associate Amway products or the Amway Business with coronavirus or COVID-19.  Amway products do not treat, prevent, or cure disease, and responsible messaging is critical to operating your Business.

Do not use Amway Home™ Products in or on the body.  Under no circumstance should any Amway cleaning or disinfectant product be injected, ingested or otherwise administered into or onto the human body.  Amway™ products are to be used as intended for surface cleaning and disinfection and as outlined on product labels.

Responsible messaging is critical to protect consumers and the reputation of our Business.  Regulators and consumer protection organizations are taking strong action against individuals and companies that make claims related to COVID-19.

Thank you for your vigilance in ensuring no claims are made about our products related to the pandemic.