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Monday, September 25, 2017

IBOAI News Articles

IBOAI Committee:  Business Operations

David Dussault

First term Board member, David Dussault, is "all in" when it comes to growing the Amway™ Business, serving on the IBOAI® Board, and raising his family. He and his wife, Kristin, achieved Founders Diamond through hard work and persistence, and Crown Ambassador by combining forces with Kristin's parents and brother, the Crowe family.

According to David, the greatest surprise of being in this Business and on the Board is the "incredible leadership, transparency and heart" that's given so freely by IBO Leaders. Both David and Kristin advise new IBOs to do what they believe is the secret to success: "Listen to your mentors and learn from those who have succeeded in this Business."

Prior to joining the Amway™ Business, David was a teacher and basketball coach. Excellent preparation for serving others as the encouraging mentor, active Board member, and great role model he has become.

A strong and motivating leader, David is passionate and persistent in business and in life. He and his wife are loving parents who take time daily to strengthen their marriage and their relationship with each of their five beautiful children. They are close to the Crowe family as well as David's father who they helped to retire and move near them.

The Dussaults generously support Wounded Warriors and have recently established a non-profit organization for military families called Ripple Effect.