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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

이사회 소식 업데이트

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Biz Ops & MAC

Reviewed “easy to sell products” to be added to portfolio

Continue to pursue clean and simple ingredients in all product lines

Kids Supplements all being updated

Nutty Dark Chocolate Bars & Coconut Almond Bars coming back as Nutrilite Wellness Bars 3rd quarter of 2018

September 2018 Twist Tube Variety Pack

Working on the Vitamin B in a blister pack later in 2018

XS Sports Nutrition Muscle Multiplier launching May 9th

New XS Flavor launches:  Canada July 11th, USA October 10th

Artistry Studio Brand
Artistry Studio objectives :  Attract and engage millennial women through: on trend beauty products that young or young at heart customers can’t wait to try and share
The Face & Eye Palette will stay as permanent sku
Light, medium and deep pink, berry and coral
mascara, lip balm
mascara – 3 in 1: volume, lengthen and define (separate) permanently
tinted lip balm and face pallet will stay permanently
4 lip pencils
3 eye pencils
No spf

Artistry Beauty Tour – July – October 2018 Friday Nights (at Amway Regional events)

Discussed upcoming promos for IBOs and Customers

Once again discussed forecasting for Trend Collections.

Reviewed new website  -  No launch date at this time.
Not launching until it is right.
Comprehensive Promotion of the new website prior to launch in many different ways.    

Reviewed exciting updates to Ditto
Mobile Optimized
More “sorts” for products
Easy Scheduler
New Skip Month & Release Now
New order summary including estimated shipping & tax
New “My Ditto” cart
New customizable order notification
New Shopping Wizard
New promotional banners & loyalty incentives
New Ditto Reports
Promotions to encourage Customers to use Ditto

Maybe add A/O Option for Ditto on new products

Product Starter Kit updates in 2019

Reviewed Day in the Life Product Videos for use with IBOs and Customers

New Shipping Program
$7.00 US/CA $12
Expedited $10
Premium $24/$37 Canada
Offshore $16.
Pickup $13
No Platinum Free Shipping
No $750 Free Shipping
All Products included – Surcharge on Perfect Water $3.50
Launch May 1st.
Communicated 4/25 to Platinums & above
All IBOs 4/27

Ditto Loyalty
2 Consecutive Orders with 3rd month free ($200 orders)
Miss a month and have to start over to qualify

Customer Free Shipping promo
Must be registered
$90 or more ($99 Canada)
online orders only
May – August 2018
1 online order per month

L & E

Update on unauthorized online selling & progress in stopping it.
Market research update
Higher Award Tracking (HAT) update
QAS (Quality Assurance Standards) discussion
Exporting discussion

A & R

Tools to promote profitability,  structure and sustainability
Recognition and event experiences for integrated businesses.
Enhancing event communications and promotions using cutting edge technology
Preparing for A60 at WHQ and Las Vegas
Diamond Dreams and New Double Diamond celebration options