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Friday, November 15, 2019

IBO Best Practices

This month’s Best Practice Message is regarding fundraising.

The willingness of IBOs to support worthwhile causes and charities is incredible.  However, it’s important to remember that no products or services offered by Amway may be used in conjunction with any type of fundraising activity. 

Fundraising includes soliciting for the donation of funds or for the purchase of products or services offered by Amway based on the representation that all, or some, of the gains, proceeds, donations, bonuses, or profits generated by such sale will benefit a particular group, organization, or cause.

Donating to a charity or cause using our own personal funds is always acceptable and is in line with the IBO Rules of Conduct.  Donating products offered by Amway purchased with our own personal funds may also be acceptable as long as it otherwise complies with the IBO Rules of Conduct.

You can review Rule 4.21 regarding fundraising, and don’t hesitate to contact your upline, the IBOAI or Amway if you have any questions.