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Thursday, September 23, 2021

IBO Best Practices

Sharing the Amway Business with Prospects is a key piece of growing into leadership. 

Amway has conducted extensive research on what Prospects need and want to hear in regard to the Corporation when learning about the Business opportunity. Prospects unanimously want to know about Amway behind the Business opportunity they are joining and what makes Amway the right business for them. Be proud to share your experience as an Independent Business Owner with Amway and communicate information that conveys Amway’s strong history and reliability.

Research has uncovered several facts about Amway that convey the benefit of stability through a proven track record of success. First, Amway has been around for more than half a century.  The Business continues to grow and is in over 100 countries and territories. Amway has always provided great products to IBOs, enabling them to engage in continuous sales to consumers.

Additional support points you may use to convey the strength of Amway include:

  • Amway has annual sales of over $8 billion.
  • Amway has 17 global manufacturing plants, 75 research & development and quality assurance labs, and more than 17,000 global employees.
  • Over 3 million Independent Business Owners worldwide are in business for themselves through Amway.

Overall, sharing facts about Amway with Prospects increases their belief in the opportunity and their confidence that Amway is reliable and will be there to support their effort and growth. Remember, being truthful, accurate, and not misleading when sharing the Amway Business is always the best route toward growing a healthy, sustainable business.

Keep up the great work – your upline, Amway and the IBOAI is here to support you!