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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Business Operations

Karen Hansen-DeBlaayKnowing the Business inside and out — its history, its power, its potential — a perfect definition of Crown Karen Hansen-DeBlaay, a dedicated IBO Leader and IBOAI Board candidate. Karen grew up learning the Business as the daughter of founding IBOAI members, Fred and Bernice Hansen; she also worked at Amway Corporation for 10 years (1972-1982).  Karen says, “I think I have a keen understanding of IBO concerns in the Field, but also a unique perspective in that I worked at the Corporation and understand how things get done internally.”

Karen’s mother, Bernice, was a hard-working, positive, upbeat IBO Leader. She was Karen’s role model in life and business. From her, Karen learned an IBO’s most important role as a leader and mentor is to breathe belief into new IBO partners — to give them all they need to learn and grow. “It was a breakthrough moment for me as a young adult when she was newly widowed, and I witnessed my Mother on stage with great admiration from her audience, for stepping out on faith, doing something out of the box, and offering the same to others.”

Karen believes success is about setting and achieving your goals and dreams. “By serving on the Board, I can positively impact IBOs on a larger scale. This would be a great honor — and something my parents would proudly encourage me to do.” Her father, Fred Hansen often said, “You cannot lead where you won’t go.” Karen is ready to lead and serve on the IBOAI Board.