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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committees: Executive, Awards & Recognition

Steve YagerWorking in a collaborative team environment, as the IBOAI Board does, comes naturally to Steve.  For 30 years, Steve, as well as his two brothers, Jeff & Doyle, have been committed to the Amway Business and part of Yager Enterprises, an IBO Business that earned 65 FAA points in 2011.  Steve has devoted his entire adult life to the Business and considers his mission to be one of serving others.  Combine that with his strong work ethic and there’s no question as to why he is successful.  Steve enjoys the opportunity to serve all IBOs as an IBOAI Board member, especially as a voice for second or multi-generational IBOs.

Steve loves the Amway Business because you can “help people dream bigger, think better, and believe in their own potential and it’s never boring, always challenging.”  He is also an excellent role model for the advice he shares with new IBOs, “See it big and keep it simple.”  Steve & his wife, Cecile, have four children and live in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.