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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Legal & Ethics Committee

Ken WoodsFor the past 23 years, Founders Diamond Ken Woods has played an integral role in building the Woods Family Business, founded by Ken’s father and role model, Steve Woods, a former IBOAI® Board member. As family and IBO Leaders, both adhere to similar philosophies and beliefs: serve others, listen and learn, keep a sense of humor, and work on becoming the best version of yourself, every day. Ken also shares with new IBOs the Business practices that have helped him achieve success: “Ask questions and really listen to the needs of others. Be teachable and strive to be a good student of the Business. Take action every day for your Business.”

Ken wants to serve with and give back to the IBO Leaders who have done so much for this amazing Business. “I want to help shape the future on a team of IBO leaders who understand the marketplace continues to change at a faster and faster pace, and there is a greater need than ever before for the IBOAI Board to advise the Corporation and for all of us to work together as a team for the good of the Business.”

Growing up in the Business, building his own successful Business, and serving in the military has given Ken a variety of experiences and unique perspective that will prove valuable as an IBOAI Board member. He explains,” I will serve the interests of all IBOs by bringing a multi-generational and multi-cultural perspective based on my experiences as an IBO over the last 23 years.  As a former Air Force officer and Federal Agent, I had the training and opportunity to work on numerous complex problems as an individual and as part of different teams around the country. This, along with being mentored by and working with many different IBO Leaders throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Americas, and Europe has given me unique insights and perspective which I think will help the IBOAI. I am also a thoughtful problem-solver and good communicator. I want to contribute to our collective future as we work through the necessity of the Business adapting as the marketplace and the IBO Field changes – and I want to help us do it without compromising the founding ideals and principles of our Business.”

When asked what he is most grateful for in life, Ken replies, “My faith, my wife Jennifer, my awesome sons and my great family.”