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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Board Member Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Business Operations

Dan YuenFor Executive Diamond Dan Yuen, serving on the IBOAI Board for a third time would be an honor. “Having previously spent two terms on the Board, one term on the Business Operations Committee and another term on the Awards & Recognition Committee, I fully understand the Board acts as the voice of the IBO – our mission is to represent all IBOs, regardless of LOA affiliation. Our recommendations are made to benefit all IBOs in North America,” explains Dan.

With 31 total years in the Business and 24 years at the Diamond level, Dan and his wife Sandy are well versed in what it takes to be successful IBOs. Today, they are active IBO Leaders in British Columbia, and optimistic about the future of the Business. Dan says, “I am excited to help improve the experience and success rate of new and existing IBOs by evaluating how we can make this Business simple and effective for them.”  

Grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives with his Business, Dan encourages new IBOs to become a part of something greater than themselves and assure them they have the potential to achieve anything they want as long as they believe in themselves. Dan believes his supportive team approach, buoyed by an enduring faith in people’s potential to succeed, makes him an excellent IBO Leader and candidate for the IBOAI Board.

“With all the changes in economics, technology and cultures, I look forward to joining a team of IBO Leaders and taking on the challenges of maintaining the Business as the No. 1 Opportunity for the average North American to achieve his or her dreams.”