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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Marketing Advisory Committee Bios

Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC)

Over three decades of success as IBOs, Double Diamonds Marybeth Markiewicz and her husband, Joe, have become role models for many. They’re committed to their ever-growing organization, dedicated to the Business, and focused on future growth. Marybeth is honored to serve on the MAC again, as Joe continues to play an integral role on the IBOAI Board.

Marybeth says, “As an IBO who is still actively building my personal business, I am in touch with what new IBOs are looking for in this Business Opportunity. I have firsthand knowledge of the products they love and the ones they want and need the most. By sharing this with the Board and MAC, I believe I will contribute to strengthening and growing the Business in North America.”

With her close attention to detail and ability to quickly determine what’s important now and will continue to be relevant in the future, Marybeth is an asset to the MAC, the IBOAI, the Corporation, and the Field – today, and for generations to come.