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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Marketing Advisory Committee Bios

IBOAI® Committee: Marketing Advisory Committee (MAC), Chair

Theresa Danzik

For Theresa Danzik, attaining Diamond level as a single woman prior to marrying Howie, reaching Founders Executive Diamond with Howie, and serving on MAC for three terms, previously as Vice Chair, has been and continues to be an incredibly fulfilling experience. "The total joy in serving others - it never gets old," says Theresa. In the Business for 25 years, she believes it is a gift to "see" the Business opportunity and admits not everyone does.

Participating on MAC and collaborating with the IBOAI Board and Corporation is rewarding for Theresa, knowing that the time and effort spent is helping make the Business better for all IBOs. She enjoys witnessing Board members being recognized at year-end meetings for their longstanding service to the Board and Field. Both Theresa and Howie share an unwavering commitment to the IBOAI and the future success of the Business.

The Danziks help support several ministries and non-profit organizations financially, including sponsoring four children through Compassion International® and donating to Support Veterans, 700 Club, and various World Evangelist ministries.

Theresa and Howie are the proud parents of three delightful children: Isaiah, Gabriel and Elisha-Joy. The Danzik family resides in Colorado.