All About IBOAI®

We are committed to protecting and improving the Business for all IBOs supported by
Amway North America.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

To collaborate with Amway to make the Amway Opportunity the best opportunity for all IBOs in North America.
Mission Statement

The mission of the IBOAI, through the elected Board members, is to:

  • Promote the best interests of IBOs and act as an advocate in IBO issues involving IBOs.
  • Promote and protect the integrity of the Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, Rules of Conduct and Quality Assurance Standards.
  • Strive to make this Business as good, if not better, for future generations than it is today.
  • Act as an advisory group to Amway North America.
  • Promote Best Practices to IBOs to preserve the reputation of the Amway Business.
Our Beliefs
  • We believe in free enterprise and the potential in all people to improve their lives through business ownership.
  • We believe character and integrity is essential in all we do.
  • We believe that hard work and creativity should be rewarded.
  • We believe that a community that applauds diversity is one of our strengths.
  • We believe in equal opportunity and a level playing field for all who desire to start a business of their own.
  • We believe that long term success and happiness comes through serving others.
  • We believe that the generations of IBO leaders in our history provide inspiring examples for future generations of IBOs.

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