IBOAI® Difference

When entrepreneurs start businesses, they usually have no one but themselves looking after their own interests, but not Independent Business Owners ("IBOs").

The minute you become an IBO, you also become a member of the Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc.® (the "IBOAI") and gain the strength of an entire organization that exists solely to pursue the business interests of all IBOs. The IBOAI strives to improve all factors influencing IBOs' businesses, minimizing their risks and maximizing their opportunities.

Specifically, the IBOAI targets the areas where it can most improve IBOs’ businesses.

  1. The IBOAI advises Amway North America on ALL areas of its operations that impact Independent Businesses.
    The IBOAI has an extremely close working relationship with Amway. Anytime Amway proposes changes to any aspect of the Business - product lines, contract changes, including compensation structure, policies, etc. - it seeks input from the IBOAI first.
    One or more IBOAI committees, and often the full IBOAI Board of Directors, review the proposed change and submit a recommendation to Amway based ONLY on how it affects IBOs and Amway. If the proposed change has the potential to adversely affect IBO businesses, the Board will recommend against the proposed change - and Amway has a solid record of concurring with IBOAI recommendations.
    The IBOAI also pursues changes with Amway when it feels it can improve the business environment for IBOs. In addition, the IBOAI evaluates proposed new products and recommends additions to the product lines when opportunities arise.
  2. The IBOAI shares information and knowledge with the Field, keeping them routinely informed on new Board and Amway initiatives.