IBOAI® Election

Election Process

  1. Election is held each year mid-September.
  2. Five Board members retire each year.
  3. Five Board members are elected each year.
    • Three Board members are elected by the Field.
    • Two Board members are elected by Field-elected Board members.
  4. Each Board member serves a three-year term.
  5. Board members must qualify at the Diamond level or above.
  6. Voting takes place over a two-week period.
  7. IBOs currently qualified at the Platinum level and above are eligible to vote.
  8. Voting takes place electronically and voting credentials are emailed to IBOs qualified at the Platinum and above levels.


  • This is your opportunity to make your voice heard! The IBOAI Board represents all IBOs and it's important to help select Board Members who will act in the best interest of all IBOs.
  • IBOs currently qualified at the Platinum level and above are eligible to vote annually for new members of the IBOAI Board of Directors.
  • We are the ONLY Business in our industry with a trade association that affords its "IBOs" the right to participate in the election of a Board of Directors made up exclusively of IBOs.


  • YOUR Trade Association - your direct line to AMWAY Corporate Leadership - led by 15 IBO Leaders currently qualified at the Diamond level or higher. In addition, in 2006, the IBOAI created the Governance and Oversight Committee ("G&O"), made up of two committee members with over 90 years in the Business. The G&O Committee members provide a framework of vast knowledge and insight to all Board members and make certain the Board is operating in accordance with the IBOAI By-Laws.
  • Your IBOAI membership benefits you greatly! For just $16 annually, starting with your second contract year, you have a membership and representation in all aspects of your Business, now and in the future.


  • The IBOAI Board advises and consults with Amway Corporation on every facet of the Business to ensure your voice is heard!
  • The IBOAI Board proactively develops and creates new ideas for recommendation to Amway relative to products, policies, and rules.
  • Prior to final action, Amway submits to the IBOAI Board for discussion, evaluation, and recommendation all proposed new policies, proposed policy changes, or changes to the IBO contract, including the Compensation Plan and Rules of Conduct, which may materially affect IBOs.
  • The Board of Directors meets formally four times a year and spends countless hours between Board meetings on conference calls and attending additional meetings - continually working to improve the best Business for generations to come.
  • The IBOAI, in conjunction with Amway, provides a confidential dispute resolution process, the rules and substance of which cannot be changed or modified without the consent of the IBOAI Board and Amway.