Achievers 2023

November 5, 2023

The new IBOFACTS.COM launched at Achievers– and nominations of IBOs for their incredible philanthropic work are open!

The Achievers Invitational at Resorts World in Las Vegas was the perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible new IBOFACTS.COM. This recently redesigned and relaunched website was met with great interest and enthusiasm from IBOs who visited the IBOAI Expo Booth.

This awesome website showcases the outstanding work IBOs do every day in North America and around the world. Their selfless contributions of time, talent and kindness make this world a better place for all. Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel were role models for their generosity, foresight, and compassion – and there are many, many IBOs who have followed in their footsteps. Making a positive difference in the world is in the Amway/IBO DNA– and this newly designed website is rich with videos and articles that give credence to this.

During the Expo, IBOs were captivated by a continual stream of philanthropy videos showcased at IBOFACTS.COM and highlighted at the IBOAI Booth. They were also excited to learn they had the opportunity to nominate IBOs for the philanthropic work they do. Numerous valuable submissions were entered – and selections from each Achievers session will be chosen for videos and others will be spotlighted in written stories. But it won’t stop there! The IBOAI is counting on IBOs in North America to come forward and nominate IBOs who have gone above and beyond to better the lives of others within their own community, state, or other parts of the world.

Presented by your IBOAI, IBOFACTS.COM is an outstanding reputation resource for all IBOs. Your IBOAI Board proudly describes an IBO as someone with a head for business and a heart for caring. He or she exemplifies integrity, believes in teamwork – and has a positive attitude, generous spirit, and strong work ethic. Their success is defined by helping people improve their lives so they, too, can help others improve their lives – creating a better, brighter world for all. Look around you – does this define you? Your upline? Your IBO neighbor? Without a doubt, you know someone who deserves this recognition and whose philanthropic endeavors will expand through increased awareness and knowledge. You can easily nominate an IBO – just click here.

Visit IBOFACTS.COM often and share it with others. Learn more about the IBOAI, the Founders Memorial Scholarship Program, and the incredible philanthropy of your fellow IBOs and their everyday heroism. This site is for all IBOs to learn from each other, grow together, and continually be inspired.