New Platinum Conference - September 2023

September 25, 2023

New Platinums attending their first official Amway-sponsored IBO event were excited to arrive at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday, September 25. Having achieved their first major milestone in the Business, New Platinums are eager to learn more about building a successful, sustainable business as well as visit the Amway Corporation. Following registration, many of the visiting IBOs toured the IBOAI offices, located in the hotel’s adjoining office building.

Throughout the afternoon, IBOs were warmly greeted by IBOAI staff who walked them through the IBOAI offices, explaining the origin, purpose, and structure of the Association – and how those elected to the Board work for the benefit of all IBOs. New Platinums were thrilled to check out the historic photos and documents displayed in the committee meeting rooms – and check out the photo of current Board members to identify Leaders they personally know and respect. Sandy Chapman, IBOAI Executive Director, and Ana Nichols, Special Events Coordinator, who work directly with the IBOAI Board, elaborated on how the Corporation and Board collaborate on everything from rules and recognition to products and programs.

Allana and Brock Johnson of St. Louis, MO commented, “It was really cool to tour the offices and learn about the years and years of the Corporation and IBOs working closely together – paving roads for us to become successful in this Business. You feel a reverence as you stroll through and an excitement because you have a relationship with some of these great Board members. We now have a much deeper understanding of how programs and products are developed – and the past products and packaging on display throughout the offices showcases the evolution of SA8™ and L.O.C.™“

Magdalena Alfaro of Chicago, IL expressed her amazement as she entered the IBOAI Offices; “I am so impressed with the offices and boardrooms, the product displays, and the informative staff. I appreciated learning about who the current Board members are and what they do on the committees that represent all IBOs. I plan to share what I learned when I return home and emphasize the Board is working hard to strengthen the Business and to represent all of us.”

As the New Platinums exited the offices, they were given a goody bag packed with supplies for their busy week ahead – XS™ Energy Drink and Perfect Empowered Drinking Water® as well as a pen and blank journal bearing the IBOAI logo.