More Than 60 Years Representing IBOs

Jody Dutt's Insights into History - Part 2

Jody Dutt was just a teen when his parents, Jere and Eileen, qualified as Amway’s first Diamonds in 1964. It was just the first of many first-qualifications they would earn as the Corporation added new achievement levels to keep up with the pace of growth the Dutts and their contemporaries -the Hansens and Victors - were setting.

"Back then, it was a lot harder on a percentage basis to make Diamond," says Jody. "We only had 20 to 30 products, and the prices were much lower. Mom and Dad worked the business six days a week - Sunday was church day."

Once the IBOAI and Amway agreed to standardize PV (Point Value), instead of continually adjusting it for inflation, it made understanding and explaining the Plan a lot easier.

Today, with hundreds of products and a comprehensive Plan, thousands of IBOs are building the business.