More Than 60 Years Representing IBOs

Jody Victor's Insights into History - Part 2

"Originally, the Board met monthly," says Jody Victor, son of founding Board Member Joe Victor and current member of the IBOAI Governance & Oversight Committee.

Jody Victor's Insights about IBOAI

"They talked a lot about products, which had to meet five principles: universal appeal, repeatable sales, unlimited potential, not tied to the economy, and supports free enterprise. They looked at water softeners and bomb shelters, for instance, but you usually only sell those once." It's not surprising the first product was actually a household cleaner (L.O.C.) that could be sold anywhere, could be offered again and again, had lots of uses, was inexpensive, and anyone could sell. Today, the IBOAI Board meet officially four times a year plus frequently conduct phone conferences and meet informally, still applying those principles to support IBOs with top-quality products.

Jody Victor's Insights to IBOAI History