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Friday, September 18, 2020

What a privilege it is to represent IBOs in North America on the IBOAI Board. This phenomenal organization, now called the Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc., (“IBOAI”) was established 60 years ago to help improve the things that influence and impact IBOs’ Businesses. From one year to the next, the elected IBOAI Board strives to maximize opportunities and enhance the Business for IBOs at every level.

The IBOAI Board embraces Amway’s fruitful history and shares past experiences to help determine what works and what doesn’t. We seek input and feedback from IBOs across North America. We collaborate with Amway executives and staff on products and programs from compensation, product offerings, to the Rules of Conduct, and continually look ahead to ensure this great Business is sustainable for generations to come. 

Your elected IBOAI Board is diverse and dedicated – and undeniably shining examples of leadership, integrity, and commitment. Their positive attitudes, varied backgrounds and strong work ethic are at the heart of what makes this Board so successful in representing entrepreneurs like you. IBOs share many of the same great attributes, and that’s what makes this Business flourish – and what makes it so extraordinary.

This is truly a people Business, a family Business and a sustainable Business built on hard work and led by strong values. Without a doubt, your IBOAI Board is behind you and we value your support.

For current news and accomplishments, check out IBOAI News.

If you have suggestions or ideas to share, please contact us. Let’s continue to work together to keep our Business the best opportunity in the world!

Howie Danzik, Chairman of the IBOAI

Vinny Pappalardo, Vice Chairman of the IBOAI