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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The founding members of the Independent Business Owners Association International, Inc.® (the "IBOAI") structured the IBOAI as a representative democracy. Board Members who qualify at the Diamond level or above are elected to three year terms and take an Oath of Office to, among other responsibilities, in good faith agree to represent all IBOs.

The Board meets formally four times a year. Special meetings and numerous conference calls are held as needed to address important matters that arise across all aspects of the Business.

2019 Board of Directors

Howie Danzik, Chairman
Vinny Pappalardo, Vice Chairman

Alberto Aguilera
Bob Andrews
Brad Duncan
David Dussault
Karen Hansen-DeBlaay
Shivaram Kumar
Pedro Lizardi
Juanita Maldonado
Joe Markiewicz
Kathy Victor
Doug Weir
Leslie Wolgamott
Steve Yager


The IBOAI Board is structured into the following committees

Awards & Recognition Committee
Business Operations Committee
Executive Committee
Governance & Oversight Committee
Hearing & Disputes Committee
Legal & Ethics Committee
Marketing Advisory Committee